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When Mr Hikmet is given a terminal diagnosis he wonders what will become of the fortune he has worked so hard to amass - he can't leave everything to his frivolous son Emir. He travels to see Reyhan, the daughter of an old family friend. She is a kind and caring girl and Hikmet has her promise to marry Emir, securing a stable future for the family. But Emir makes his own promise - to punish his father for controlling his life he will treat Reyhan so badly that she is forced to leave him.





13 дек 2019




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Гусейн Исламов
Гусейн Исламов 12 часов назад
Всё Cemre Так-Что Будешь Козлить и Познакомишься С Моим Товарищем
Гусейн Исламов
Гусейн Исламов 12 часов назад
Love Reyhan ve Emir
Гусейн Исламов
Гусейн Исламов 12 часов назад
Reyhan ve Emir
Гусейн Исламов
Гусейн Исламов 5 дней назад
Гусейн Исламов
Гусейн Исламов 5 дней назад
Emir Soydi Cemre
Гусейн Исламов
Гусейн Исламов 6 дней назад
Reyhan ve Emir Love
Гусейн Исламов
Гусейн Исламов 6 дней назад
Emir Sordu Cemre
Гусейн Исламов
Гусейн Исламов 26 дней назад
Эмир Добрый
Ammsha J
Ammsha J Месяц назад
When will be the last episode?
Rasul Asadov
Rasul Asadov Месяц назад
👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎олда родители не знаю как в обои на рабочий, толщина стенки
Rasul Asadov
Rasul Asadov Месяц назад
Дейін в этом году в городе Москве от 👎
Rasul Asadov
Rasul Asadov Месяц назад
Вот только ид.ь одна из самых красивых картинок большое количество техники будет юридических лиц и организаций, я в шоке от того чтобы скачать музыку бесплатно и для тех случаях Лучше всего использовать только с согласия редакции
Rasul Asadov
Rasul Asadov Месяц назад
Он люди жжэ олл-ин идет д для людей бы иод
Rasul Asadov
Rasul Asadov Месяц назад
Олда длиной р др ип жги для возможно
Rasul Asadov
Rasul Asadov Месяц назад
Пью в этом пб для л да. А главное п оар для юридических
Rasul Asadov
Rasul Asadov Месяц назад
Дьжишзнпъ лщхьод
Rasul Asadov
Rasul Asadov Месяц назад
Amanda Molina
Amanda Molina Месяц назад
Hola Melocotón estás por ahí, por favor necesitamos tu resumen. Gracias
Aseela Isaa
Aseela Isaa Месяц назад
Khojistan ur friend where you we need you plsssss
Zakaria Khan
Zakaria Khan Месяц назад
Plzz all drama translate in Urdu or Hindi
Yusif Umarov
Yusif Umarov Месяц назад
Güzel bölüm gəlir.
Sandra Núñez
Sandra Núñez Месяц назад
Hola, me sumo a la solicitud de traducción en español, es muy buena serie aún cuando no entendemos el idioma, sería muy bueno verla y entenderla bien... Sigan publicando más capítulos está muy interesante...
Borz Borz
Borz Borz Месяц назад
Marinalda Silva
Marinalda Silva Месяц назад
Gente será que depois disso não vai sair uns beijos não , ??? Não acredito que não vai sair ?
Aleeha Kamran
Aleeha Kamran Месяц назад
Ya episode.rat tak upload kar dy please
Resul Agazade
Resul Agazade Месяц назад
Sükürler olsun.rejissor bizim ūreyimizi şişirtdi.Bu qederde uzadarlar?ayildi axir ki
Abdullah Kul
Abdullah Kul Месяц назад
Çokmu şey istedik buydu istediğimiz 💚mutlu olsunlar ..onlar mutlu 💚biz mutlu 💚eee senarist hanimda mutlu 💚olsun istegimiz buydu tef gibi gerilmek niye Nazmiye hanim...👍👍👍
Arif Sayed
Arif Sayed Месяц назад
If u want to watch all episodes with english translation.. go to goole and search *promix tv* there u can watch all episodes with English translation... 😊
Aum Bella
Aum Bella Месяц назад
Someone wrote that the 2 evils aren't over & they & Talaz will fix Reyhan in an accident where she gets amnesia & forgets Emir & goes for the doctor who's treating her. There's also a random trailer of Emir crying outside the hospital & someone on the operating table - but can't tell if that's Reyhan because the nose (?) looks a little different. So if anyone can enlighten if this is true please? We've all just been through one bout of possible hospitalisation over the CD blackmail so if that accident thing is looming I'd prefer to be forewarned (& avoid those bits like the plague!). Thank you.
S R Месяц назад
@Elysia Trevenge doesn't look like her. Also the video date is Oct 20. Highly unlikely that they could've shot such scenes that early on. I was also deceived once by these song mixes. There are several scenes from initial takes that don't get into the episodes. But they somehow get into the hands of those who make these song mixes. This might have been leyla for all we know. They'd have shot this in case they had to bring her back when s2 stated. But thankfully she decided to die and escape this season. Hahaha
Elysia Trevenge
Elysia Trevenge Месяц назад
@S R This one? At 4:57 ? That's not Rey is it? ruvid.info/video/XaOjx5plmaGtg7Q.html
Elysia Trevenge
Elysia Trevenge Месяц назад
@S R I'll have to go search for that trailer; I saw it after reading that comment about her losing her memory (why can't they leave her alone!). It's in one of the videos like the ones you can see on the right here, a prediction of aheads, and I shouldn't have opened! Curiosity gets even the Yoda-ey Tarhun Cat! And it's certainly been a beautiful week, hasn't it? If anything else let it be a lesson for us to be able to identify these sort of writers with a Hitler's tendency. Then we'll be smart to take a valium so not be tempted to wake up based on trailers' promises. I guess you & ale are writing up an Incir & Cat episode tonight in honour of Emir's evil mother who's still in the clear!
S R Месяц назад
Don't look too far into the future. At least this week we won't get any such heart attack. But they'll deff go for her life because separating them hasn't worked..cemre is far from over. Cav is very much in play. It makes sense for the sick writer to end s2 with accident/amnesia. Are you sure the crying outside hospital scene isn't from s1? Can you share the link?
Sessiz Yağmur
Sessiz Yağmur Месяц назад
Arkadaşlar 141 bölum yayinlandimi? Ben aradim yok
yassmin yassmin
yassmin yassmin Месяц назад
اخيرااا ، بسيف يالندب
h. m.
h. m. Месяц назад
Melike +hikmet bey. Cavidan hapse
Руслан Шляпников
Руслан Шляпников Месяц назад
NEFES TAHİR NefTah delisi
NEFES TAHİR NefTah delisi Месяц назад
Senarist falan mı değişti yada yapımcı dayanamadı artık senariste bırak cemre ve cavidanın tarafında olmayı gerçekleri ortaya çıkar diye tehdit falan mı etdi 😂 ama fazla sevinmeyelim bakalım ne zaman kavga edecekler yine
10 Ali
10 Ali Месяц назад
En yeni mahnilar burada 🔥👇daxil olub izleye bilersiz
Ayten Qasımova
Ayten Qasımova Месяц назад
Sonunda ya cok sukur 😉😉
Disappearance -
Disappearance - Месяц назад
Nehayet dizi duzelmeye başladi, mence cox uzatmayin hazir bir birlerine qovuşmuşken 1 2 bolumde cekin ve gozel bitirin dizini
Bizdən Eşit
Bizdən Eşit Месяц назад
ruvid.info/video/ltGqyHyXs4mqpJM.html 👍👍👍 🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿
Rovsen Rehiimov Rovsen Rehimov
Rovsen Rehiimov Rovsen Rehimov Месяц назад
coxx sevindim sebirsizlikle sabahi gozluyurem
şirin kiz
şirin kiz Месяц назад
Çoooooooooo sevindim herşeyin ortaya çkmasina👍💖👌👏😊☺
Гусейн Исламов
Гусейн Исламов Месяц назад
👮‍♀️👮‍♂️ Эмир Вызывал Полицию Забирают Cemre Дура Она Тюрьме
Гусейн Исламов
Гусейн Исламов Месяц назад
Shaima Tharon
Shaima Tharon Месяц назад
Nigar Sultana
Nigar Sultana Месяц назад
New happy beginning inshallah ....end of Cavidan inshallah.....beautiful romantic scenes of Reymir inshallah 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘no more kidnapping murders deaths n accidents plz🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽don't do what u did in season 1.....when we expected long lasting love n happiness u actually separated Reymir!No repeat of d same plz🙏🏽
sef ahmed
sef ahmed Месяц назад
فين الحلقه بليزززززز
Bett A
Bett A Месяц назад
Sonundaaaaaaa oh be
Alex Chereches
Alex Chereches Месяц назад
Please full episode 141 😘💝🌹
Юсуф Вейсел
Юсуф Вейсел Месяц назад
Pazartesi bi gelse'de izlesek
منوعات البوبجي
منوعات البوبجي Месяц назад
بليز نزلو حلقه ١٤١
Arbi Rezgui
Arbi Rezgui Месяц назад
ليونيل ميسي
ليونيل ميسي Месяц назад
ګلَشٍيِّ مَفِّتّهِمَتّ
Тахмина Асадулла
Тахмина Асадулла Месяц назад
Çok sevindim bu bölimi iyi taptin Emir😚
Счастья в Исламе
Счастья в Исламе Месяц назад
Неужели скоро ФИНАААЛ!!
Alexandra Vera
Alexandra Vera Месяц назад
Por favor q paso con los subtitulos me quede en el capirulo 10 ppr favor pongan los subtitulos
Amanda Molina
Amanda Molina Месяц назад
Los puedes ver en facebook página Cobán yildizi sucru, sueño otamano, las Marías, en notas, tacesta con subtítulos hasta el 119.
Shaima Tharon
Shaima Tharon Месяц назад
متاكده انه حلم
Xanco Niko
Xanco Niko Месяц назад
Wukur duzelir kinonun axiri
Айше Хясанова
Айше Хясанова Месяц назад
Sonunda kac vakit zamanimizi aldilar boyun bariscaklar yarin bariscaklar 141 bolum oldu
Karamel Mocca
Karamel Mocca Месяц назад
Bakalım ne kadar sürecek 😅
Chamelia puteri
Chamelia puteri Месяц назад
Nah Gini donk kan jdi semangat Nonton nya Bravo Emiir❤
nini mira
nini mira Месяц назад
Con lo que le gusta sufrir a Reyhan creo que pronto se le acaba la felicidad
Georgina Ruiz
Georgina Ruiz Месяц назад
nini mira con lo que les gusta a la escritora y guionista hacer que Reyhan quede de sumisa llorona y tonta espero más de lo mismo yo deje de verla por más de 30 cap si no cambia este sentido tonto de la trama si la dejó por completo ya que se que esta escritora Nazmiye es un fue la que escribió Adine sen koy Que además de durar casi 400 cap la destrozó esperemos que no haga con esta lo mismo ella es mujer pero parece que nos odia pues nos pone siempre como estupidas lloronas y tontas y capas de hacer nada que valga la pena por nosotras misma yo empecé a verla sin saber que era ella la escritora ojalá tengamos suerte
Edna maria
Edna maria Месяц назад
Será que vai melhora Agora espero q sim.
Yemin Episode 44 English Subtitle
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