Usher - Don't Waste My Time (Official Video) ft. Ella Mai 

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Usher - “Don’t Waste My Time” ft. Ella Mai out now!: smarturl.it/xDWMT/

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POLO DRO 8 часов назад
Usher making a come back
Windfread 8 часов назад
This is that MJ that we never got to see ‼️
Chris Kersey
Chris Kersey 8 часов назад
Did he say, Miami Vice edition!?..Lol..Co-sign..Haha!!
Laticia Bliss
Laticia Bliss 8 часов назад
Check out my single "Love On The Balcony" on my channel! You'll love it!
John Brown
John Brown 8 часов назад
Usher is so incredibly slept on after all he’s accomplished. True artist and incredibly gifted performer. Ella Mai is super talented and classy.
Kimberly Arciniega
Kimberly Arciniega 9 часов назад
Omg at 53 Usher still does it for me! Brings out my soul and dancer in me!
coolmom760 10 часов назад
Loving this like hard!!!! Saw it on my feed almost 2wks ago but didn't click til today. So so glad I did. Come thru 'Ursher' 😁😁😁😁😁. This is a banger right here Usher and with the ladies dressed, dudes nice too: AMAZING💯💯💯💙
Kaisha Page
Kaisha Page 10 часов назад
I saw snoop dog!!!😆
Zaire Rivers
Zaire Rivers 11 часов назад
Yes Usher this a vibe! Something for us grown folks 🥰
aprilmurdock36 11 часов назад
That's a good-vibes-only- summertime anthem
Joseph Bailey
Joseph Bailey 11 часов назад
was this video made in ushers home
Candi Bean
Candi Bean 12 часов назад
Finally my baby is back love me sone usher. Happy fun song no violence profanity or nudity love this....... this is the usher we love
MRALLENLY 12 часов назад
There Goes My Baby with chords from Kissing Game but this is NOT "bringing back old school R&B". Usher is pop now, and this is a cookie cutter pop track. I get that sounds change over time, but it's hard to say this is R&B if you listen to guys like Jacquees or Daniel Caesar
Zen Angel
Zen Angel 12 часов назад
Boy dam.I'm loving it
Ivan Willis
Ivan Willis 12 часов назад
Really love the vibe Usher. We needed this in our time despair... thanks 🖤❤️
Fatboy Dripping79
Fatboy Dripping79 13 часов назад
The beat is smooth I love it 🙌🏾
Joymorocco 13 часов назад
It's like I'm listening to here goes my baby... All inspired from Michael Jakson. But I like it
Joymorocco 13 часов назад
Is this morocco
MsBROWNIEBABE 14 часов назад
Lila Marabou
Lila Marabou 14 часов назад
Yes thanks, you can also me ...
Eric Mckinney
Eric Mckinney 14 часов назад
chrissylove45 15 часов назад
Who is the lady with the turquoise hair?
Duane Watts
Duane Watts 15 часов назад
Now this is a quarantine that I could "possibly" deal with.... :-)
Zac Elegy
Zac Elegy 15 часов назад
The lyrics are a bit stale and don't flow... holds this song back a bit for me. Otherwise a total bop!
trina smith
trina smith 15 часов назад
True Legend
Ella Robinson
Ella Robinson 16 часов назад
オカザキマチコ 16 часов назад
これだけ嫌だと言っているのに、まだ入れてくるのですか? 犯罪!!!! 地獄に帰れ!!!!!!! 日本人!!!!! 日本のメディア関係の連中、てめえらが 主犯の最悪な連中なんだよ!!!!!
Fine Natural Hair Rocks
Fine Natural Hair Rocks 16 часов назад
Beautiful video!! Love the track too. Usher is a living legend PERIODT💕💕
Lakehsya Morrison
Lakehsya Morrison 17 часов назад
Love this song and video!! Looks so fun!!!yesss!
Rapena Againn
Rapena Againn 17 часов назад
Solid and sexy
YUU OKM TV 17 часов назад
justin Bieber life
justin Bieber life 17 часов назад
Beautiful song ❤😘👇👇
Ashley Hart Adams
Ashley Hart Adams 18 часов назад
This is a bop
Jett Blaq jidah
Jett Blaq jidah 19 часов назад
“That’s a co-sign..but,it’s not an invitation “ 😂😂
The Lunatic
The Lunatic 19 часов назад
Usher sounds like The Weeknd in the chorus part. Did anyone notice it?🤔
Samad Savage
Samad Savage 15 часов назад
The Lunatic CAP
J- Hickz
J- Hickz 19 часов назад
what da Ella got on? lol
Mc Donald Trump
Mc Donald Trump 19 часов назад
Usher i miss you so muchhhh😭😭😭😭
Edna Joseph
Edna Joseph 19 часов назад
Sir Walker 👑
Sir Walker 👑 20 часов назад
The King Of R&B Is Back! 👑
sweetlikez 20 часов назад
Welcome back KING!
Ashley Steves
Ashley Steves 20 часов назад
Usher FOREVER 🙏💕💕💕
joflash citona
joflash citona 20 часов назад
this video is super cool ... I like it. I invite you to listen to the best voice in the world ruvid.info/video/ec2qpItnzKOVe6g.html
Vashawn Thurston
Vashawn Thurston 21 час назад
I freaken love this song
Snowflake 21 час назад
Blacks are beautiful. That's what i can say for now.
Michele Alvelo
Michele Alvelo 21 час назад
Goddness, I love and appreciate the talent and perseverance in Mr. Raymond.💚 He's been having us jamming for dang near 30 years. I wish him prosperity in everything that he touches! 🙏
Amari Kees
Amari Kees 21 час назад
So usher my birthday is coming up and I really want you come to it it is on may 30 th
Roshawn Harrington
Roshawn Harrington 22 часа назад
I really don’t think y’all understand how much we needed this record and video. This new wave of music that’s being put out these days is not for me. This right here is what’s been missing. King of R&B came through with one!!!!
Qwazi Media
Qwazi Media 23 часа назад
no doubt that usher is a great artist. he got the swag good energy and can sing . "dont waste my time trying to argue" cz it will be invalid anyways check out my cover to this song and tell me how i did
anthony larbi
anthony larbi 22 часа назад
@diona sexy same here girl i checked it out he killed it
diona sexy
diona sexy 23 часа назад
I checked it out on your page that was dope and thats great talent right there
Karabo Gungubele
Karabo Gungubele 23 часа назад
my word!!!
Stephen Boniphace
Stephen Boniphace День назад
The weeknd: Who released my new song......!!!😬😬😬
pooh reeper
pooh reeper День назад
If ysabellecaps didn’t bring you here I don’t wanna hear it
Bgera Collectors
Bgera Collectors День назад
Lyrics! Moves! Cast! Scenario! Everything on top 🔥 King of R&B ladies and gentlemens 🙏 Usher
1way Savage
1way Savage День назад
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="131">2:11</a> she bad af
David Connor
David Connor День назад
Song of the summer and we ain't even gonna get to enjoy it. 😥😥😥
Richard Queen, Jr.
Richard Queen, Jr. День назад
Somebody please tell me what the dance at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="216">3:36</a> is. Thanks.
Vanessa Cullars
Vanessa Cullars День назад
Still the Man 💖
Boogie Funk Productions LLC
Boogie Funk Productions LLC День назад
Nice throwback vibe, Kudos Usher and JD. Shout out to Jamie Kennedy "Malabu's most wanted" haha and lil cameo by Evan Ross, we met him at Disney a few years ago, super humble guy.
Humor Mexicano
Humor Mexicano День назад
Is that Soldier boi from 90 day fiance? I love your show bro
James Foster
James Foster День назад
I like this.
Faye Lovee
Faye Lovee День назад
Urrrrsher Bay-beh like " I ain't new to this I'm true to this" #LEGEND ... ga head Ella ... good collab
Faye Lovee
Faye Lovee День назад
Yasss .... bring that good R&B back to me lol
Julia Anaya
Julia Anaya День назад
the vibe, colors, & patterns in this video to add to the beautiful singing.. art✨✨✨
Marena Jordan
Marena Jordan День назад
I love this freaking song man!
Catherine Moore
Catherine Moore День назад
How i miss classy artist like this!❤❤❤
It's My Life Daralynn
It's My Life Daralynn День назад
Great song and thanks for including the brown girls no profanity, twerking or nudity . It's a nice change.
Cadenceslayz Periodt
Cadenceslayz Periodt День назад
You know that dude who in rap game who did label records he is the dj in the song
41 SINISTER День назад
Frostee Gaming
Frostee Gaming День назад
Quick question: When did Jamie Kennedy get an honorary black card? I'm just wondering.
Golden Goddess
Golden Goddess 10 часов назад
Lol... Really.. 😂
diamond mimi
diamond mimi День назад
Ella mai is grogeous
ricengravy38 День назад
If Martha was in the kitchen with Snoop, this video would have been lit lit
Berders_ WillBurn
Berders_ WillBurn День назад
ush need to make way more songs....
Cornell Muhammad
Cornell Muhammad День назад
This is my jam
Queen of Thorns
Queen of Thorns День назад
My bf still has his ex on FB :(
Diamond Dior
Diamond Dior День назад
I need it Usher🥰
JacQuelin Allen
JacQuelin Allen День назад
Classic Usher with the new Ella Mai
TwiLight Tarot
TwiLight Tarot День назад
I actually like this... nice
Lady Chas
Lady Chas День назад
This was dope!
aniki937 День назад
What's missing nowadays in music ... BASSLINES !!! Memorable basslines aren't just anymore sadly 😢😢
Sam Turner
Sam Turner День назад
I love this song !! Very chilled ! Looks like they having a blast !
Tamerra T
Tamerra T День назад
So usher just gon be fine forever I guess 😍😍
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