So i played destiny 1, five years later.. 

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6 авг 2019




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RiceScum Час назад
how are you supposed to know all these without looking any guide?
OrigamiReaper 3 часа назад
I had to solo the raid without dying for the bloody plat trophy
Juan Pablo Acevedo
Juan Pablo Acevedo 5 часов назад
I miss so much my hard light... And i haven't found it on d2 :c
SurrealJC Games
SurrealJC Games 6 часов назад
They just released this expansion for destiny 2!
Jab Lo Sounds
Jab Lo Sounds 6 часов назад
I liked your video... Then you ended it with a super mario 3d world theme and I cried because there is no "super like" button
peregrine 7 часов назад
So much memories soloing the beginning part of this raid with 3 or 4 separate invisibility skills on blade dancer
Alex Hill
Alex Hill 7 часов назад
I feel like a pleb for not having friends to raid with... Therefore I went through D1 without completing a single raid
Dorival Torres
Dorival Torres 8 часов назад
D2 looks a DLC for D1 tbh, the graphics looks the same, they only changed the map, weapons and interface.
Matthew Barnes
Matthew Barnes 8 часов назад
Shout out to the Bargain Bin at my local Walmart cuz of that I figured out how much I fucken love this game
Duran McLemore
Duran McLemore 12 часов назад
Smh this is why you take thunderlord for the first encounter
Shivalah 14 часов назад
Well, I was also 2 months too late, but really enjoyed your video until my sleep medication kicked in.
Zombie Slayer
Zombie Slayer 19 часов назад
You're a monster. Didn't even sword glitch through the first part. Edit: I realized you hate yourself after watching so many deaths 😂
SpycBean 20 часов назад
Anyone else solo crota to get the flawless victory achievement?
Young_Draco 23 часа назад
Brave soul for going in without an exotic sword 🤣🤣🤣
Perry День назад
I still play and talk to the same group of dudes I started playing d1 with it's been 5 years and they're some of the best guys I've "met". Hopefully we get to play d3 together too. They probably wont read this but Mark, Chris, Jimmy, Bernie and Jim... you guys fuckin rock.
chaturga13 День назад
The game become weak and slow after oryx
Charles Graff
Charles Graff День назад
Why bolt caster if all things?
Bob Vance Refrigeration
Bob Vance Refrigeration День назад
Bruh everyone knows Crotas raid is a strike
Konky Donk
Konky Donk День назад
I remember that with full invis bladedancer +khepri*s the first part was a stroll in the park every time lol xDD
Sunriser День назад
Donovan Blake
Donovan Blake День назад
Lmao the squeaky when you milled Crota was the best!
The Comic Man
The Comic Man День назад
Damn my load out was vision of confluence, black hammer and gjallahorn
Robert Williams
Robert Williams День назад
Am I the only one who thinks destiny 2 is hella confusing compared to destiny 1 I always feel like idk wtf I’m doing
AYCHMENG День назад
yoooo the trumpet hahaha
Not_Hexo День назад
why does he talk like he's explaining everything to a 9 yearold
Просто Канальчег
Cause D2 community is 9 year olds
Issa_ Clip
Issa_ Clip День назад
Broooo only ogs remember the bad juju
PandABooP День назад
Definitely the most relatable commentary for destiny 1 and 2 😂 (friends and I panic alot)
Cunning Chaos
Cunning Chaos День назад
Why didnt you jump the first puzzle? You can jump from a rock to the second level of the stage and it's like over halfway done lol. Also you dont need to die 5 times on bridge, iirc you need to touch the plate and literally just survive and kill the enemies the whole time, since the gatekeepers spawn on your side too (you only need to self rez to despawn ads). As for the witch part, you did well and for crota I didn't even know about that double hit spot with sleeper, I would always just black hammer the crit spot from one of the sides
Kat Duk
Kat Duk День назад
Used fucking trumpets for a baritone/French horn melody😂
Maxwell Lafuse
Maxwell Lafuse День назад
played this game the day it came out. it is genuinely my most favorite game of all time. Thank you bungie :)
naD A
naD A День назад
I'm getting some severe d1 flashbacks.
EGd GeM День назад
Jesus its been 5 years already, F
Run away
Run away День назад
man, i havent laughed this much in so long. thank you, i just subbed😂😂😂😂
HarpoonWolfbait 2 дня назад
2:39. Undertale joke
Leo Enduro
Leo Enduro 2 дня назад
D1 will always be in our hearts Guardians. Those memories will live on forever
Vitaminh D
Vitaminh D 2 дня назад
Destiny should never been a sequel. That cabal dlc turn into a 60$ game and all our hard work was gone
Lo High
Lo High 2 дня назад
The mems
Danny 2 дня назад
Love how you say bs about your sponsor just for money
B-Boy Sleeper
B-Boy Sleeper 2 дня назад
and thats the only one u can do please do the other with a budy
Cookie Clan
Cookie Clan 2 дня назад
AceMGO 2 дня назад
What was the exotic
xo khyle
xo khyle 2 дня назад
Wait wtf destiny 1 was 5 years ago?? Well shit I feel old now😂😂
Seto Lucifer
Seto Lucifer 2 дня назад
Must’ve been in auto-pilot again because I feel like this came out 6 months ago
Chronic God
Chronic God 2 дня назад
The sound when the to knights come out of no were ha
Sneaky Tree
Sneaky Tree 2 дня назад
The nostalgia when he opened the game
Fishdong 2 дня назад
I'm sorry but the TRUMPETS appearing during the FRENCH HORN solo at the beginning was painful :((((((((((((((((((((
Klynical TV
Klynical TV 2 дня назад
Krotas end......god what a time of me yelling at my friends for either leaving me behind or them going to damn slow
xDa831Reaperx 2 дня назад
Eyyyyyy same here man xD i havent been back to d1 in the same time span xD pvp ill 1v1 you bud with plan C
D1 was the first online game I ever played, I'll never forget this game
Invective 2 дня назад
*misses secret chest after the shriekers after bridge* i'm kinda pissed yo
Cracker Guy
Cracker Guy 2 дня назад
I still remember playing the beta for this
basicname 2 дня назад
I had no friends and I was bad the game, so I didn’t get to do the raids :(
So What Now?
So What Now? 2 дня назад
Destiny 2 is now just a cluttered mess it makes me sick
Martswimmers 2 дня назад
Holy shit......... didn’t realise it’s been 5 years 😢. Wish bungie put a new update out on destiny to make it as popular as it was before.
TheHueisOver™ 2 дня назад
Never played d1, never done a raid in d2, but i did enjoy this video, a lot. IT was a struggle.
SmokeyMira 2 дня назад
Man i remember playing destiny for the first time, wasn’t really into it but kept playing because my best friend at the time loved it, pushed through and got to level 20 and we started sweating strikes, doing VOG, and then i was hooked to the point me and my friend would spend our lunch break at school planning what we was gonna do on destiny after school. Destiny was amazing and i miss playing it with my old friends so much, it was the equivalent to how much fun i used to have playing halo 3 when i was 8 except i was 14/15, now i’m 20. sad times
max riquelme
max riquelme 2 дня назад
I’m still playing Destiny 1, i love it☹️
MHein 2 дня назад
Man, these old raids were awesome. good times
Davis Weber
Davis Weber 2 дня назад
It's a french horn at the beginning of the menu theme, not trumpet
Jake 3 дня назад
thanks for the mobile game advertisement shill
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