PS5 Release Date, New Controller & Hardware Details Surface 

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Sony has revealed new official details about PlayStation 5, much to our surprise. Let's break it down!
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8 окт 2019




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- - 2 минуты назад
Ugly thing
whelp 7 минут назад
Get on the PC power train you console pheasants 😎
chrishigo 7 минут назад
Jak and dakter
before and after
before and after 8 минут назад
Dualshock3 bring is back
Marcus Op
Marcus Op 12 минут назад
Sony’s PS5 headass
Gacha Games
Gacha Games 27 минут назад
I have to questions Can you use ps4 controllers And can you use ps4 games
Amos Kambo
Amos Kambo 28 минут назад
Xbox better catch up
marc b
marc b 31 минуту назад
Sly cooper would be an AMAZING GAME to launch for the ps5 or even jack and daxter. I love both. Pure nistalgia
Jay Montana22
Jay Montana22 36 минут назад
I hope they rerelease marvel vs capcom 2 on PS5
minhhai kim
minhhai kim 36 минут назад
Is that gaben?
PerspectivE 46 минут назад
Lmao, funny how many alleged PS5 release models we've seen. Fuck off Gameranx and don't report on something you know nothing about.
Adam Dronet
Adam Dronet 48 минут назад
The hell? I just got my ps4 a yr ago and in a yr it will be obsolete....sweet, just like a new phone
Jose Adkin
Jose Adkin 58 минут назад
G A Y S T A T I O N 😆 😆 😆 😆 😁
Rasean Schuler
Rasean Schuler Час назад
legendarysole 481
legendarysole 481 Час назад
We want GTA VI for PS5
Nelson Gonzalez
Nelson Gonzalez Час назад
If you drop it imagine America dropping a bomb on the Japanese either way your controllers gonna take a huge beating or it’s going to completely get screwed hell it might even make a hole in the floor with that Weight 😂👌🏽
Whitey Mamasan
Whitey Mamasan Час назад
But will it take glock mags?
Nitrous123HDQ Час назад
I think Sony announced that they will be open to cross-console gaming.
Mug Час назад
graphics quality expectations: *Ophthalmologist's Signature Required*
정용말jym Час назад
PS1 PS2 PS3 PS4 PS5 next guess is ...PS6
E4ZAIYN Час назад
Wait cant we have the BO2 Remasterd ?
Daniel Cash
Daniel Cash Час назад
Does anybody know what the console is gonna look like??
Orbite flow
Orbite flow Час назад
Is it the same old, pay to play online even though you using your own internet?
anass Chergui
anass Chergui Час назад
Sly cooper and jakkkkkkk ✌🏽🔥
bennies fried chicken
bennies fried chicken Час назад
what about playstation generation?
Yoshidude Час назад
Hey a new Controler means an even shorter loading cabel
Tokologo mamabolo
Tokologo mamabolo 2 часа назад
Hopefully they remaster Prototype3
Twin52 2 часа назад
Question we need to know do we have to buy ps classics again???????
Order of the True Force
Order of the True Force 2 часа назад
And probably, they will release FF7 remake for PS5 to force people to buy the new console.
Aiden Hughes
Aiden Hughes 2 часа назад
You guys do know this is fake right? I mean sure he could’ve said where he got his information from, but notice how his cites or evidence aren’t listed in the description, i mean honesty, the kid just puts gifs, memes, and old video game footage with some old ps4 features shown in videos sony released years ago to get everyone excited and to be introduced to the console most of us have by now, concept art is somebody drawing ON THE INTERNET not sony showing people what THEY THINK the ps5 would look like, if you actually believe a word this guy says, I’m sorry but you seriously don’t understand how badly you’re mind fucked🤦🏻‍♂️👎🏼
RandomYT Videos Uploader
RandomYT Videos Uploader 2 часа назад
If apple made playstations Ps 2G Ps 3G Ps 4 Ps 5/5c (cheap cheap) Ps 6/6s (can’t bend) Ps 7 (AirPods for the ps) Ps 8 Pls X (no ps button) If Microsoft made playstations Ps 7 Ps 8 (no ps button) Ps 8.1 (ps button) Ps 10 Ps 10 Pls 10
sam marcus
sam marcus 2 часа назад
Somethings tells me since ps2 they had all theae inventions but dumb it down the add little by little, call it a new console and claim they are out for our best interest meanwhile some people cant even afford a 100$ game these days, let lone a new console everyother year just for their profit, their gain. We make them richer than you can believe or imagine and this is our thanks. They do this with tv. who guessed another k would come out. 4k 8k? They already have 10k or something called something ridiculous just to claim its new and never seen before. They have PSxs400. SUPER PRO SEXY SLIM BIG BOY already invented. Lol BUT THEY ARE WAITING. just like any car, laptop,tv, CPU, console, VR Headsets, no matter what they only give us the dumb versions of everything. Cost less to make or produce and CHARGE WAY MORE THAN THEY SHOULD FOR GAMES AND CONTROLLERS. We are just their monopoly. Wake up world 🌎
Mubie Loize
Mubie Loize 2 часа назад
Y'all lost me at PS3 when u discontinued "PlayStation home"
Jon Donnelly
Jon Donnelly 2 часа назад
This one goes to 5.
Forrest Pace
Forrest Pace 2 часа назад
Backwards compatibility is all I need, sell PS4 for money to buy PS5!
Jamie Nedeau
Jamie Nedeau 3 часа назад
What about 4K?
Munn7 Bunnu
Munn7 Bunnu 3 часа назад
Imagine.. New .. God of war.. Uncharted.. The last of us 3...
purply fast
purply fast 3 часа назад
Sky Cooper baby
ijoole solis
ijoole solis 3 часа назад
hunter klimek
hunter klimek 3 часа назад
I want freedom fighters (ps2) remastered
Mothercityguy 3 часа назад
Please bring Metal Gear
Ndalo mk
Ndalo mk 3 часа назад
That moment when you still have a PS3 and may never ever get a PS5 A moment of silence please😔
Sergio Danvers
Sergio Danvers 3 часа назад
Imagine if they remastered spartan total warrior
Pilot On
Pilot On 3 часа назад
To be honest. The ps4 wasn't really all that much better than the ps 3 becsuse all the features offered barely got used by anyone. I think the ps5 will be much of the same on that front. Alot of shit that nobody will use. Maybe im just getting older and games aren't as important too me anynore.
Forged Sanity
Forged Sanity 3 часа назад
Oh no ya'll gonna waste your money on a ps5, save up for a pc and you won't regret it in the future, or complain that you only get the playstation because it's better vAlUe
corruptedchocla 4 часа назад
10/10 am buying this when its released. I literally just got my ps4 pro in December 2018, but man am i going to stay on top of buying new consoles
Charles Darwin
Charles Darwin 4 часа назад
no creo que sorprendan ya están en el limite y no pueden innovar mas
lukas hanna
lukas hanna 4 часа назад
let me see the ps5 shall not have pay for online......problem solved
nick fry
nick fry 4 часа назад
OMG Final Fantasy 7 remake is supposed to come out 2020😮😮😮😮😮😮
SlyPlatinum 4 часа назад
I just hope the ps5 has a 1440p option because I don't want to buy a 4k monitor for the new ps5
Flying Piggy
Flying Piggy 4 часа назад
Xbox 360 Xbox 1 Xbox 1 S Xbox 1 X PS1 PS2 PS3 PS4 PS5
Chris Smith
Chris Smith 4 часа назад
Xbox Xbox 360 Xbox one
Jason Harris
Jason Harris 4 часа назад
I still play ps3
Gonlorn 4 часа назад
Sony: Ps1, Ps2, Ps3, Ps4 Ps5. Microsoft: xBox 1, xBox 360, xBox One, xBox...Threehundredsixty?
Petros Perantonakis
Petros Perantonakis 4 часа назад
People complain about the ps4 controller being similar while microsoft still needs fucking double a batteries to use their controller, give me a break
Redvampire95 4 часа назад
See, something they need to confirm or deny is if online games will be cross platform with PS4, games for instance like Warframe? Or will these have their own dedicated servers too?
Logic Bender
Logic Bender 4 часа назад
I'm sorry what was that? pc gamer here, I couldn't hear you over the sound of liquid cooling and fans cooling my GEFORCE ABCDEFG 9096 ULTRA SUPREME graphics card XD but seriously I don't get the point of power consoles
B Ortiz
B Ortiz 5 часов назад
Ps4 all day I don’t care about new systems no more it’s all the same shit
King Shicetee
King Shicetee 5 часов назад
Fuck that...this also means the new Xbox will be released as well. No disrespect to Playstation because I gotta have them both just as I do now, probably the new Xbox first tho. 💯
Chris Smith
Chris Smith 4 часа назад
Of course new xbox is coming and halo launch title
Pipa Obala
Pipa Obala 5 часов назад
The amount of "new" games that were released for ps4 since its launch doesn't warrant a new gen console. Ps4 and Xbox One gen should be dubbed as "Remaster generation".
Jason 5 часов назад
cant wait to play ps4 games on ps5 with better performance and no loading screen. at the same time i feel like its better to wait for next revision of the ps5
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