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Claire Saffitz had never had Pocky before. And then one day in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen her life changed forever. Her eyes are open and now she has ascended to Pocky level: Tsubu Tsubu (Strawberry Flakes), a level that it usually takes decades to reach. With her work in making a gourmet version of four flavors of Pocky - Chocolate, Matcha, Cookies & Cream and Strawberry Flakes - she is quickly climbing ever upwards in the Pocky Movement. Join Claire as she seeks Pocky Perfection.
Check out Claire's Instagram: csaffitz
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Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Pocky | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit




20 авг 2019




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Bon Appétit
Bon Appétit 2 месяца назад
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Katie H
Katie H 16 дней назад
Does Claire have a blog. I need to know her skincare routine and where she buys her earrings.
Erin W
Erin W 29 дней назад
next time maybe do the initial dip of biscuit through the pastry piping tip and then pull back out instead of having to clean it each time :^)
Rachel Hicks
Rachel Hicks Месяц назад
Amber Calandra
Amber Calandra Месяц назад
Make gourmet teddy grahams!!!
Princess Hailey
Princess Hailey 10 минут назад
Gaby: *gets excited over pocky* “Can I hug you?!” Claire: “of course!” The entire BA kitchen is adorable
hello kenny 123
hello kenny 123 Час назад
It sounded like she said "pooping oven" 😂😂😂
r 2 часа назад
Historically. 10 часов назад
Pocky isn’t really a shortbread but is more pretzelly
Salil Barua
Salil Barua 16 часов назад
Miss Nerdie
Miss Nerdie День назад
Tristan Kim
Tristan Kim День назад
Don’t you you ever see comments and think; man... I wished I commented that.
Erica Gomora
Erica Gomora День назад
I ship brad and Claire
Eric's Channel
Eric's Channel День назад
As a fellow Missourian, I can confirm that Pocky just wasn't very popular over there. There's not much cultural diversity.
Live Rasmussen
Live Rasmussen День назад
5:40 did she she WRITE with the pocky!?
theNealCutter День назад
Gaby is literally just a ray of sunshine
A. 2 дня назад
danielle munson
danielle munson 3 дня назад
You shouldn’t use Wikipedia because it is not checked if the information is right and people can hack into the website quite easily and change what the website said so you don’t know if the information is correct or not. So Wikipedia cannot be trusted by any one because the information may not be correct.
Stewie Griffin
Stewie Griffin 3 дня назад
Japan literally has a law about false advertising and not supplying what is in the AD, which is why everything the sell looks like advertised
Ash2 0Win
Ash2 0Win 4 дня назад
I just want to meet someone like Claire.
Ellen Ji
Ellen Ji 4 дня назад
claire: i think im gonna try one more batch with rice flour cus i want it a tad more tender me, with 0 professional culinary education: good call
Jen TheReader
Jen TheReader 4 дня назад
旺旺仙贝 Chinese most popular snacks
-Anxiety- 4 дня назад
Tbh Claire is REALLY smart
Hunter White
Hunter White 5 дней назад
watching her make pocky while eating pockey is definitely the way to go
dustyb58 5 дней назад
30:47 who smiled
dustyb58 5 дней назад
"How can I help?" "Do the most annoying part" hahaha yesss
Carmen Rodriguez
Carmen Rodriguez 5 дней назад
Wait i thought it was pronounced "pokey"
Tim Ogul
Tim Ogul 5 дней назад
I just need to find out how to make chocolate that tastes exactly like the default Pocky chocolate.
CommanderDEV 5 дней назад
I love how chris makes suggestions and quickly takes it back in case claire got to do whatever mindless comment he made like what happened in pop rocks lolololol but being a true chaotic person that he is, he quickly put it on brad instead 🤣🤣🤣🤣
kenzie paige
kenzie paige 6 дней назад
omggg I live in stl and we have these..... now at least
gunpro 2121
gunpro 2121 6 дней назад
Without a doubt matcha is the best in my opinion it’s like so earthy and tasty and idk how to explain it tastes soooo goooood
Sans Troll
Sans Troll 6 дней назад
I'm really sitting here eating skittles trying each flavor like I'm some judge on a cooking show
anto 6 дней назад
i would honestly die for her
Ben 6 дней назад
One time I thought to myself, "Dunkaroos would be a great episode of Gourmet Makes." LET'S MAKE THIS HAPPEN YA'LL
Kathryn Green
Kathryn Green 6 дней назад
Delaney's self preservation instincts at 23:08 are incredible
Carmen S
Carmen S 8 дней назад
Only reason I ever knew about pocky was because of InYasha 😂
Gary Chang
Gary Chang 8 дней назад
I can't seem to meet women like Claire. It's depressing me.
xBananaTERROR 9 дней назад
5:49 when claire decides to use the pockey to write the pockey recipe. now that's the true genius going on here.
Kaitlyn Carroll
Kaitlyn Carroll 9 дней назад
Regina Best
Regina Best 9 дней назад
What flavour is the textured one the baking tray? (Pause at 5:13 or 5:28)
El Marheachi
El Marheachi 9 дней назад
Gaby is adorable and deserves the world
zw0lfb4um 11 дней назад
I would die for Claire and her selection of shirts ❤️
Tequila Inspire
Tequila Inspire 12 дней назад
My question is who cleans this kitchen its immaculate!
Ellie Guerrero
Ellie Guerrero 12 дней назад
Also. How are they not even? Because they where not even at the beginning point. This is why I love Claire
13Meraki Moon BeyTM
13Meraki Moon BeyTM 12 дней назад
Can we talk about how she used a pocky to write down the measurements? lol
Corinne Bouthillier
Corinne Bouthillier 14 дней назад
Every snack is gaby’s favorite
JiaYi Tok
JiaYi Tok 14 дней назад
Best one ever!!
Ravella Raveyna
Ravella Raveyna 14 дней назад
you should make gourmet Brookside dark chocolate next
paul macorol
paul macorol 15 дней назад
Gaby the national treasure
Daegan Le
Daegan Le 15 дней назад
Do gourmet Pejoy. Much harder!
Czarina Marushka
Czarina Marushka 15 дней назад
I was smiling when Claire was testing everything and she’s so happy and please!
Hailey Wheeler
Hailey Wheeler 15 дней назад
Disappointed at the missed opportunity to call Adam the “Editor in Chef”
the el man
the el man 15 дней назад
5:21 i wanna *_die_*
Ben VanHolstyn
Ben VanHolstyn 16 дней назад
HOW IS, and I can't stress this enough, NO ONE TALKING ABOUT 5:48 ????
Leila Chan
Leila Chan 16 дней назад
Here's the thing about the matcha pocky; there's an American version and then there is a Japanese version. I have NO IDEA what they did to the American version but it is infinitely worse than the Japanese version. If you ever get the chance, PLEASE go to Japan and get the real matcha pocky.
Charles Cherry
Charles Cherry 16 дней назад
Make candy corn taste good
Krista 16 дней назад
I love that she Carried the foam around instead of of putting them on a plate or something
Eden Deja
Eden Deja 16 дней назад
The actual reason yawns are contagious is because it is a survival mechanism When we are tired we take shorter breaths so we get less oxygen and we yawn to get more air in our lungs So when our senses see or hear someone else yawn our brain immediately reacts as there being a lack of oxygen in the air and makes you yawn to get the oxygen A little moderately fun fact for you there
Ava Akridge
Ava Akridge 16 дней назад
St. Louis gang
Angelica Glizzy
Angelica Glizzy 17 дней назад
hey Claire great job 💞💞💞💞👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Shane Bedard
Shane Bedard 18 дней назад
25:08 Claire's reaction to being asked "Is it clean?"
Sabrine Smahi
Sabrine Smahi 18 дней назад
This video is physical evidence that claire is a magician
hello3210fy 18 дней назад
her laugh is the cutest
John Dearborn
John Dearborn 18 дней назад
Claire thicc
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