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The amount of times this video made me a) sad about Bruce and b) think about that thing going up my nethers is frankly abhorrent. I will be accepting emotional refunds for the remainder of my employment.
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7 сен 2019




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Lou Reed
Lou Reed 4 дня назад
I miss Bruce. The new millennials are not funny
Try hard Gameplay
Try hard Gameplay 28 дней назад
Miss you Bruce
Combustible Lemons
Combustible Lemons Месяц назад
I'm sad.
derpy Kun
derpy Kun Месяц назад
Bruh I didn't see this episode till like a week after it came out and I was like what the hell where's Bruce and now my heart hurts...
Legojake94 Месяц назад
going to miss you bruce! you were and adam were my favorite power couple!
The Boone
The Boone Месяц назад
What?! Bruce, noo!!
Robert Harmon
Robert Harmon Месяц назад
I miss this trio.
Bronson1606 Месяц назад
Shame that Bruce is gone, dancing Ska in Club Naughty , in heaven So now we know the next Goodwill exclusive (that Switch weel) SKA CAME BEFORE REGGAE !
Cameron Wachtendorf
Cameron Wachtendorf Месяц назад
Bruce died on the way to his home planet
Joel Monteiro
Joel Monteiro Месяц назад
Cris_T107 Месяц назад
At least you said good bye not like that bitch ashely
Marshall Evans
Marshall Evans Месяц назад
They watched Captain America Civil War right before they started editing the ad
mike bigram
mike bigram Месяц назад
Marcus C
Marcus C Месяц назад
The very end of the video where Adam says bye everyone we're gonna go drink reminds me of how Cheers ended
PsychoStinger Месяц назад
Well miss you pap bruce
Harawanagangsta Месяц назад
Breaking news: Nintendo making weird plastic shapes to sell bundled with the switch. What games are they for?
Jorge Cordova
Jorge Cordova Месяц назад
imu 3000 Bruce
HippieHorseLover Месяц назад
Dylan Kent
Dylan Kent Месяц назад
Dammit, keep Bruce!
Brad Nelson
Brad Nelson Месяц назад
This has to be a joke.
Vtine Месяц назад
They had better not stop those Friday Yes's...
DreJr Месяц назад
Oh no! You will be missed Bruce. Good luck!
Jesse Purdy
Jesse Purdy Месяц назад
I really cant beleive you guys killed the know. Very sad.
Nate R
Nate R Месяц назад
Thanks for the laughs Bruce!
BashtheSaiyan Месяц назад
Bruce's YEEESSS's will always be remembered.
Thomas Shrum
Thomas Shrum Месяц назад
Not enough edits. My ADHD was not satisfied. Next time cut EVERY time anyone says ANYTHING and do more quick zoom shaky cam cuts. That shit is MAD DOPE YO! EPIC GAMR VIDYA 4TW!!! +420 360 NO SCOPE KILLAZ MY FELLOW KIDZ!!! Fucking EWWWWW!
ThatJustHappin Месяц назад
Kegels... ah kegels brilliant
Vulgarman Месяц назад
Bruce :c I'll miss you.
vans4menu Месяц назад
Yuh I miss him already
goblen1921 Месяц назад
dude, I fucking love your video edits hahah
Black Eagle
Black Eagle Месяц назад
Your channel sucks.. Stop placing your crap in my feed.. Buncha blabbering idiots. 40 yrs old wearing t shirts for 14 year olds.. Not interested
Harley_yelrah Месяц назад
Bruce got snapped
Orpheus Месяц назад
Forever gonna miss these 3. Bruce, Lawrence, Adam, and James have had unbelievable chemistry since back at Machinima, gonna be so different to not have Bruce, from his laugh to sudden anger, we wish you nothing but the best!
mchawk315 Месяц назад
BRUCE!!!!!!!!!! You will be missed my sweet prince, please come back soon and often.
cory thomas
cory thomas Месяц назад
FunHaus Workout stream!?!?!?!?!?!?!
jerrica benton
jerrica benton Месяц назад
Dude, i totally suggested this thing to a hardware rep at Nintendo of America! hahaha... yer welcome, ladies!
Shad0wFL4ME Месяц назад
First Ray and now Bruce everyones dying
bosch Месяц назад
To Papa Bruce: Baby, don't go breaking my heart, breaking my heart Baby, don't go breaking my heart, breaking my heart 'Cause it's the only one I've got 'Cause it's the only one I've got
Trust Okorie
Trust Okorie Месяц назад
I'm so sad to see Bruce go :'(
Hydro Cronus
Hydro Cronus Месяц назад
Won't be the same without you Bruce! One can only hope you will return for special guest appearances 😭 Thanks for all the laughs
Teryn Mercs
Teryn Mercs Месяц назад
Look up “Pilates Ring” ....
Michel Chartrand
Michel Chartrand Месяц назад
I think that may be it.
Jersey Nguyêñ
Jersey Nguyêñ Месяц назад
If you need a new Bruce hire me
Bryan Worley
Bryan Worley Месяц назад
A little on the immature side, maybe be a little more objective next time lol
MrZincosti Месяц назад
I used to volunteer at a thrift store and at one point we had 23 Wii Fit balance boards stacked up in a corner.
getliquified Месяц назад
What the shit?! Don't leave Bruce 😭
Kevin McNamara
Kevin McNamara Месяц назад
Fuck no Bruce is leaving? Where is he going? I need him!
Izzy1782 Месяц назад
Jak Akira
Jak Akira Месяц назад
Imma miss it
COD man Out
COD man Out Месяц назад
Not exactly what I was expecting for Bruce's sunset episode, but somehow appropriate. May the introduction of this strange new Nintendo peripheral also mark the start of a great new chapter in your life, Bruce! You will be missed, but best wishes going forward.
Deyzah Месяц назад
'One last yes from our sweet baby Bruce' Who's cutting onions :'(
George Warshington
George Warshington Месяц назад
Nintendo is first and foremost as they've always been - a toy company. They take all their technological shortcomings and repackage them as family friendly and affordable so they can nickel and dime kids' parents for crappy plastic (i guess now cardboard too!) add ons that you'll use exactly once and no one gives them shit for this. Who needs loot boxes when you can sell a plastic bongo, a real controller, a fishing rod shaped holder, a carrying case, an improved wrist wrap, and once again FUCKING CARDBOARD
Episode 13
Episode 13 Месяц назад
Good luck Bruce will be following you in your streaming days. Should be good fun :)
Episode 13
Episode 13 Месяц назад
Please please record a few Years voice clips or Montages and use them every Friday :)
X Draken
X Draken Месяц назад
Bruce Just leave you are breaking our hearts😞😞
cybermousey Месяц назад
You will be missed
What the truck?!
What the truck?! Месяц назад
Well shit... Bruce Adam and lawrence are the only reason I still watch this channel...
Funkyfong Месяц назад
Inside Gaming was my first look into Machinima and than Funhaus my Favourite video's with Bruce is when they played Rogue Warrior and Manhunter, Hitman Blood Money, So sad to see Bruce go :(
Kevin Haldin
Kevin Haldin Месяц назад
So sad to see bruce leaving remember him jojning back in the machinima days and thinking "Who is this doofus?". But real fast seeing his comic genius. He was always such a positive/funnyforce hope all goes well for him in the future. But still cant help to shed a tear. almost feels we all lost a friend, it's a bittersweet feeling, knowing hell still be around doing what makes him happy. But not seeeing him as we are used too. Been seeing you guys together seince i was a teen. Nothing lasts forever i guess, like ska. See you soon doofus PS (THAT YEEEEEEES WAS THE THAT EVER WAS)
cesar reyes
cesar reyes Месяц назад
I'm going to miss Bruce guy is hilarious.
MrDiscomafia Месяц назад
Last yesssssss...
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