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Hii babesss! I finally filmed a video with baby e's daddy hehe. This was definitely out of the ordinary for him, but I hope you guys like it! :)
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See you guys in my next bideooo!




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Yours Truly
Yours Truly 39 минут назад
I love your connection! I never wanted to judge just from watching a video, especially the gender reveal. That doesn't show who a person really is! & we are no one to judge anyway, I just love how authentic this video is. I love the way you guys are with each other, it's like you guys have your own little secret code of communication and it can never really be awkward for you guys lol ! It's kinda hard to explain but it's so cute. :) Baby E is gonna have one loving family. I'm happy for you guys!
stewbacca a
stewbacca a 3 часа назад
Andrea Lozano
Andrea Lozano 4 часа назад
I’m happy for Elsy I just wish her happiness
Ashley R
Ashley R 6 часов назад
Either he looks to peal or she’s to yellow
mommy 03panda
mommy 03panda 10 часов назад
Wish u both the best!🥰🥰
Stay Blunted
Stay Blunted 13 часов назад
Hey boo i just found out im pregnant woth my 1st !!! Scared but excited with the virus but
Karina Cruz
Karina Cruz 13 часов назад
I think ya cute lol idc what ppl say
S T E P H A N I E 16 часов назад
Y’all cute ❤️
Molly’s Life
Molly’s Life 17 часов назад
aww I love you guys 🥺🖤
Bonita Michellita
Bonita Michellita 23 часа назад
you guys are so cute. I love how you laugh off something when it's silly. wish you two the best with your family
Marlene Moreno
Marlene Moreno День назад
Rach87Idky День назад
its because she got herself a tre tre type of relationship when she deserves a benny type of vibes.. its a matter of time until she post a “why we broke up?”
Haydee Yac
Haydee Yac День назад
Y’all are so cute together! It looks like u guys really love each other he looks so sweet like he’s super nice! Aww your baby will be so gorgeous!❤️✌🏼
Isss Pohaiii
Isss Pohaiii День назад
idgaf what people be commenting, I love them together🤣🤪
Jennifer Cruz
Jennifer Cruz День назад
Welp that baby was an accident
The Potato Man Martinez
The Potato Man Martinez День назад
Like why are you whispering girl!?? 😂
Alysha Fonseca
Alysha Fonseca День назад
You guys are the cutest can’t wait for baby E to get here 🥺❤️
sadie ruiz
sadie ruiz 2 дня назад
New suscriber ❤
Brizeida Mendoza
Brizeida Mendoza 2 дня назад
Im a new subscriber i have been wacthing your videos for a while and i gotta say girl your gorgeous and your baby is gonna be so cute gos bless you and your family take care while all this coronavirus thing going on love you and love wacthig your videos💖🥳
Adrianna Maria
Adrianna Maria 2 дня назад
ew i don’t like him but my opinion doesn’t matter and babies are blessings ♥️
Jaicha Torres
Jaicha Torres 2 дня назад
your tummy is so small i love it but its funny how everyone say he looked rude but you can tell people like him who are quiet and so to themselves are the most chilliest people ever but congrats to the both of you, hopefully we can see more videos of yall two together
Sibel Iljazovska
Sibel Iljazovska 2 дня назад
So is Tre his Cousin?? Im confused
Ailyn Morales
Ailyn Morales 2 дня назад
Avisha Ramdeen
Avisha Ramdeen 2 дня назад
Love you!!!
Litzzy Robles
Litzzy Robles 2 дня назад
“our relationship was so good we would have fun we would go out drinking but now it’s like fuck” DID SHE REALLY JUS SAY THAT you should’ve not opened your legs if it’s “fuck” now. SHE NOT READY FOR A BABY PERIOD.
yagurl Steph
yagurl Steph 2 дня назад
he do seem hella shy hopefully he start getting more comfortable bc we tryna seeee yalll together
Ivona Sanders
Ivona Sanders 3 дня назад
Wich lashes are these😍😍
Bry Martinez
Bry Martinez 3 дня назад
So happy for you 💗🥰
True True
True True 3 дня назад
How else has to rewind and hold the phone to their ear when you can’t understand what she says 🤣🤣🤣🤣 she talks so low but I love her lol
Kary Gomez
Kary Gomez 3 дня назад
I had to plug in my speaker to be able to hear this video dawg $tormz
Damaris Perez
Damaris Perez 3 дня назад
I love you guys! $damarisxoh
Pamela Lopez
Pamela Lopez 3 дня назад
they are definitely into each other and if you guys cant see that idk what to tell you because they definitely love each other!! ❤️❤️
lennash 3 дня назад
it’s so funny my fiancé and I started almost the same way ahah supposed to be just a hook up but i kept coming back XD 👀
Ampy Ramirez
Ampy Ramirez 3 дня назад
Cuuute! Love is strong! Keep uploading more vlogs of you 2 and pregnancy updates pleeeease!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ely Shorty
Ely Shorty 3 дня назад
Gurl you look yellow/ orange , eat some vitamins and put some nature color to your face ! Not a bad comment is just a consejo
tiinaiiceey 3 дня назад
Elsy just wear a mic for heavens sake. I really dislike when you make videos and i gotta put my phone next to my ear to hear you guys. Like damnnnn
BrooklynsBeautyChannel〈3 3 дня назад
Even their laughs are quiet 🤣🤣
Life as Leah
Life as Leah 3 дня назад
Cashapp: Glammie3
Life as Leah
Life as Leah 3 дня назад
Awe I love that he puts you first ❤️
Julia Sanchez
Julia Sanchez 4 дня назад
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Denise Salgado
Denise Salgado 4 дня назад
Not to be rude or anything pero why are they whispering 🤦🏻‍♀️still love them tho
whatitdo baby
whatitdo baby 7 часов назад
They both talk quiet
Georgi Gallivan
Georgi Gallivan 4 дня назад
They are cute and just shy! People are just so dramatic and judgmental like stop always trying to find an issue and let people live their life.
Georgi Gallivan
Georgi Gallivan 4 дня назад
Don’t listen to these negative comments
desera lope
desera lope 4 дня назад
y’all need to leave them alone there relationship is their business
Georgi Gallivan
Georgi Gallivan 4 дня назад
Y’all are too cute I love y’all
Gaby Barragan
Gaby Barragan 4 дня назад
New to your channel and watched majority of your videos in one day lol . So glad you are having a healthy babygirl ! I’m also due the 20th of this month with my second babygirl 💕 best wishes !!
Elizabeth Hernandez
Elizabeth Hernandez 4 дня назад
ElizabethHdz1995 - it’s funny how true some relationships start out all backwards or out of the “order” but I feel like that just means your relationship is something lasting if your comfortable like that.
Julie N
Julie N 4 дня назад
You look so beautiful 😍
bryanna 4 дня назад
people really just be making stuff up. Elsy is way to sweet for all this negativity. it’s getting old. I rebuke every negative thing said about Elijah and Elsy. she deserves to be happy💞 Amen. I felt their chemistry people are so quick to judge. They have their own way and vibe. they are also both introverts which can sometimes come off strange to others. I believe they are going to be great parents and partners. either way God has a Plan and Elsy is going to be a great mother.
Breanna Cota
Breanna Cota 4 дня назад
Does anyone know where her mal de ojo ring is from????
God Love's you
God Love's you 4 дня назад
ruvid.info/video/iMqO14GHvZObh9Y.html 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻
Lexi Souza
Lexi Souza 4 дня назад
Vanessa Marquez
Vanessa Marquez 4 дня назад
I’ve watched this videos like 10 times!!! It’s just so goood❤️
Annya Forbin
Annya Forbin 4 дня назад
I love you!!!
Lupita Carrillo
Lupita Carrillo 4 дня назад
Star Star
Star Star 4 дня назад
She defo just wanted to get pregnant and have him 🙄 awww sad tho
Graciela Valencia
Graciela Valencia 4 дня назад
I think Elsy was living life having fun and then she met Elijah, the thrill of having fun and having butterflies ran the effort between them and how she was saying their relationship started weird they both didn't know where it would go and so early in the relationship she got pregnant unexpectedly and that's why it looks so awkward, it's that stage in the relationship we all go through with someone new but you can tell they're trying to make it work that's kinda how I see it
lizrodrey 4 дня назад
I’m just now watching this and reading the comments and I can’t believe how judgemental people are! Elsy don’t listen to any negative comments, only you know your relationship so don’t let anyone’s opinion taint how you see your relationship. People don’t know Elijah so they don’t understand his sense of humor, and I see that you get along perfectly and are very similar. You make a beautiful couple and I wish you the all the love, blessings and growth 💕❤️
Nailbrain 4 дня назад
Stop it, you guys! Some people have a whisper fetish!
Breanna Mendoza
Breanna Mendoza 4 дня назад
Now yall both gotta use that toy microphone😂😂
Camila Santillan
Camila Santillan 5 дней назад
Love you guys
Shi Martinez
Shi Martinez 5 дней назад
When you kept saying you guys are the same person it made me think of "twin flame" it means that this person is basically your souls mirror. Just look up twin flame it's the cutest ❤❤❤
Lorena Gonzalez
Lorena Gonzalez 5 дней назад
Lyssa Meza
Lyssa Meza 5 дней назад
I liked it because he through shade at Alo 🤣🤣
Julia Sanchez
Julia Sanchez 5 дней назад
elizabeth coronado
elizabeth coronado 5 дней назад
Daisy Alejandre
Daisy Alejandre 5 дней назад
I love how honest & open you guys were in this video 💕 & of course ppl are gonna hate & talk shit regardless!! Ppl think from watching one video they automatically know your whole relationship. 😂🤨 I wish you 2 the best!! 🥰
Jaqueline Torres
Jaqueline Torres 5 дней назад
I just saw your snap post. I don’t have IG, nor Facebook, Twitter. I only have TikTok & Snapchat. I don’t know if you’ll ever see this but, what you stated on Snapchat is very true. That’s why I am so scared of getting noticed on social media. I don’t like the hate comments or people being mean because I am such a sensitive person. All that will get to me, sadly. I just hope that you’re doing good, may God bless you and your family at all times! I hate to see one of my favorite youtubers go through shit like that. Bless up! Stay safe, you have a wonderful family to support you at all times! I hope it gets better for you. Don’t feel like you’re alone because your not!! Love you gorgeous! Enjoy your pregnancy 🤰🏻
Jacqueline Reyes
Jacqueline Reyes 5 дней назад
Someone bring back the frozen microphone 🤣🤣
Reyna !
Reyna ! 5 дней назад
my tv volume is 56 😂
Monica Licon
Monica Licon 5 дней назад
It's called being SHY peeps. He is not an influencer like Elsy. When he looks at her you can see how much he cares about her. I was feeling the heat between them through my screen. 🔥🔥🥰
Byanka Cazarez
Byanka Cazarez 5 дней назад
You guys are literally so cute!❤️🥺 I really don’t see negative vibes like everyone is saying. People are too sensitive about jokes! He’s not used to the camera and he just keeps making jokes but you can literally tell they are soo into each other ❤️ So happy for you Elsy you deserve the world 😘😘😘 $ByankaYvette
Edith Fuentes
Edith Fuentes 5 дней назад
You guys all predicting things about him stop, and just spread positive vibes in this relationship we all need positive energy with everything that’s going on! Happy for you Elsy! Wish you the best of luck in this new journey! 🥰
chris La Framboise
chris La Framboise 5 дней назад
This is so boring.. I can’t finish watching it 😭
Bell Rum
Bell Rum 5 дней назад
chris La Framboise it’s because the way they talk
Yolanda Torres
Yolanda Torres 5 дней назад
elsy and Elijah look like robots 🤖
Ashley Rivera
Ashley Rivera 5 дней назад
Congratulations guys!!!❤
Maria Tafoya
Maria Tafoya 5 дней назад
you look so happy babe
Maria Tafoya
Maria Tafoya 5 дней назад
I’m so late but I’m so happy for you 😓❤️🥺
I’m only Human
I’m only Human 5 дней назад
They both weren’t ready for this relationship ... at least they are working on it. We all thought she was single until the baby
I’m only Human
I’m only Human 5 дней назад
They are both awkward, elsy doesn’t really like looking straight at the camera either
Samantha C
Samantha C 5 дней назад
“I’m team T” why would you put that in there? Messy
whatitdo baby
whatitdo baby 7 часов назад
Its "team tea" btw
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