iPhone 11 vs iPhone 11 Pro Hands On! - What's the Difference? 

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Apple announced their new iPhones the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, & the iPhone 11 Pro Max with impressive new iphone 11 features such as a13 bionic chip, ios 13, ultra wide angle camera, night shot, slophie, and much more. Stay tuned for iPhone 11 unboxing iPhone 11 camera test, iPhone 11 video test, iphone 11 review & a ton more content.
iPhone 11 Pro Max - REAL Day in the Life Review! - ruvid.info/video/orB_yoWJq5yxiKw.html
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11 сен 2019




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Stephanie Esquivel
Stephanie Esquivel 19 часов назад
Marshall Ck
Marshall Ck День назад
I'm going to watch Color Purple on mind's😂😂😂😂2020..What..
Marshall Ck
Marshall Ck День назад
Thanks for showing me bro👍2020.. What...
Carl Anderson
Carl Anderson 2 дня назад
I keep hearing about the camera I'm buying an effing phone if I want to camera I'll go buy a camera how does the phone work
Erhan Okcu
Erhan Okcu 2 дня назад
Recieving iphone 11 next week, cannot wait!!!
jamie smith
jamie smith 7 дней назад
I just purchased the iPhone 11 I really wanted the max sale guy told me I can upgrade next year so we shall see
duh_ h3llo
duh_ h3llo 8 дней назад
Same things from last year's iPhones + 1 camera for each phone. Gg apple reselling is working
William Jefferson
William Jefferson 8 дней назад
Great video but the notch is ugly as hell
True Review
True Review 9 дней назад
Fast charger 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I've been using that for years
Joker 10 дней назад
2:27 Dat ass.....
K-leb Harper
K-leb Harper 10 дней назад
So basically the ProMax is $100 for Less Bezel and $100 for OLED $100 for the 3rd Camera And $100 for better Chips
Rafattack 11 дней назад
iPhone 4 gang where you at
Tevin Ballard
Tevin Ballard 11 дней назад
Great video bro I'm currently an android user and will be switching to iPhone very soon this month and I'll be going with the 11 Pro
Cam Mori-Khan
Cam Mori-Khan 12 дней назад
I honestly don't care what phone you have stfu
Michael 12 дней назад
Tita's Life
Tita's Life 12 дней назад
I’m getting the iPhone 11 soon and hat color turquoise or purple?
Aamir Z
Aamir Z 12 дней назад
By bezels you mean the screen edges? I’ve seen all 3 iPhones together they all have bezels on them, the pros only ever so slightly thinner, I really mean ever so slightly.
Alec Hdz
Alec Hdz 14 дней назад
I’m so unlucky my dad said he is gonna buy me a iphone 11 next week but next week is his b-day
Eric C
Eric C 17 дней назад
There’s a reason why they don’t give midnight green out to the peasants
Trisha Otavia
Trisha Otavia 18 дней назад
im getting he iPhone 11 and the 15 February im getting braces im so happy
leigh ann hayes
leigh ann hayes 23 дня назад
I want the iPhone 11
Mr.pikachu oof
Mr.pikachu oof 27 дней назад
Make this blue if you like iPhone 11⬇️
Alvi Rashid
Alvi Rashid 29 дней назад
I’m watching this on a iPhone 11 red
Hextech Gaming
Hextech Gaming 29 дней назад
i really dont like the iphone upgrade because its not practical enough to go and by the latest and for what i have experinced mt self i have an iphone 7 plus and it still works and give me the things that i need to do like play games with high specs and everything all that apple just do is upgrade little things its not really practical and also for me apple just want your money so be money wise guyss.
Kieran Keane
Kieran Keane Месяц назад
iPhone 3 gang where you at
Mr Royalty
Mr Royalty Месяц назад
2020 where u at!🥳
Michael James Lazar
Michael James Lazar Месяц назад
Great video. Very informative 🙌🏾
mohamed Abousaida
mohamed Abousaida Месяц назад
RUvidrs have I phone 11 pro and xs max Me:Has note 8
Caighan M
Caighan M Месяц назад
I’m pro max at being broke
Altrina MALOKU
Altrina MALOKU Месяц назад
I wish I got a new iPhone 11 pro
AwesomeAK0219 Месяц назад
I’m watching this on iphone 11 so I now I know I made the right choice thx👍
sasha dias
sasha dias Месяц назад
My new favourite youtuber
I’ve been searching for a long time now and got no answer. Can someone please tell me, what iso starts to produce noise on iPhone 11 pro?
Kazuto Месяц назад
Whats the difference
Techkid720 Месяц назад
The 11 Pro and Pro Max at the only good ones.
Techkid720 Месяц назад
The 11 is still a side product cuz it’s still 1400:1
Emily Bailey
Emily Bailey Месяц назад
Me watching this on an iPhone 11 😂
Ben Ramsey
Ben Ramsey Месяц назад
Watching this on an iPhone 11 pro
:0 Месяц назад
just got an iphone 11, i used to have an iphone 7+ but it shattered. so far this phone is ok, ive only had it for a day so i dont know ALL the features yet. but, im excited to find out!
MOiiSES xD Месяц назад
I watched this and still don’t know what the differences are 😅
John Public
John Public Месяц назад
Excellent review!
jason the best
jason the best Месяц назад
This is how many times he say honestly👇
Meshandax Vids
Meshandax Vids Месяц назад
So which one is bigger lol
Rebecca Castaneda
Rebecca Castaneda Месяц назад
Thanks for the info! Subscribed
F B I Месяц назад
4:15 they did him wrong😂😂
Melody Shari
Melody Shari Месяц назад
I just got my iPhone 11, & I absolutely love it. The cameras, the speakers, the size of the phone. Best iPhone ever! & I haven't had a iPhone since the 4S 😂
Techkid720 Месяц назад
Melody Shari it’s a lower end phone then the 10S tbh cuz only internals are a bit better
gothic clove
gothic clove Месяц назад
Im getting iphone 11 bc im working on being a photographer
Jose Ramirez
Jose Ramirez Месяц назад
Have to have the latest and greatest phone rn
Big_glitch_06 Месяц назад
Watching this on my 11 pro max 😅😅
Nana Aisha
Nana Aisha Месяц назад
For free
Bout8Banks Месяц назад
Strip club
Nana Aisha
Nana Aisha Месяц назад
Were can I find iphone 11
Gary Chapman
Gary Chapman Месяц назад
My 11 pro is fantastic. Camera, audio, battery life, picture quality. No issue with anything so far..
Kk The master
Kk The master Месяц назад
Am watching this on a iPhone 11
Ellen M
Ellen M Месяц назад
Bruh I’m on an SE rn lmao
Emma Page
Emma Page Месяц назад
This was a really good video I personally have the iPhone 11 Pro Max and I love it I just feel like because before that I had the iPhone 10 S max and I love the light on how big it was on and this phone I really like it my friend has the 11 I just feel like I have to have the more premium ones
Nelson Duong
Nelson Duong Месяц назад
iPhone 11 Pro Max and 11
Lisa K
Lisa K Месяц назад
I’m getting a iPhone 11 Pro because I’m rich and it’s my birthday so sucks to suck I guess 🤪
areliah Месяц назад
After reading comments me now searching for videos to compare 11's with whatever may come in 2020 rather.
Classic AlarmTech
Classic AlarmTech Месяц назад
Here’s a honest suggestion: if your phone is working good, don’t upgrade to the 11’s. If you need to upgrade , go for a XR, or a X. Judging by the videos I seen comparing the cameras, the, quality is nearly the same as the X and XR. My suggestion is to wait till the 2020 phones when they do a full design refresh.
Classic AlarmTech
Classic AlarmTech Месяц назад
areliah if you don’t need to upgrade save your money for something better.
Classic AlarmTech
Classic AlarmTech Месяц назад
areliah yes, not that much of a difference to upgrade. 2020 phones is upgrading everything, no notch , possibly no ports , etc.
areliah Месяц назад
i woulda thought 3 cameras is a design refresh. So you're saying 11's camera tech is compatible to x and xr?
Nafees Khatri
Nafees Khatri Месяц назад
7 plus gang where you at?
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