Fortnite X Batman Announce Trailer 

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Explore the new Gotham City Rift Zone, grab the new Catwoman Comic Book Outfit in the Item Shop or pick up the Caped Crusader Pack available in the in-game store. Plus, complete a variety of challenges and earn free rewards! #FortniteXBatman
Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.
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21 сен 2019




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Fortnite 23 дня назад
We're investigating an issue where players who had their RUvid and Epic accounts linked and tuned in live to the Batman Reveal Trailer have not yet received their YoutTube drops. We'll provide more details when we have them.
Dwalker97 Overrated
Dwalker97 Overrated 5 дней назад
Fortnite hey take out custom matchmaking
Ivo Sanchez
Ivo Sanchez 7 дней назад
Qui pero descargar fortnite en el selu Samsung a 10
Fat_Nachos 12 дней назад
revert skilled match updated
Sempthawase 23 дня назад
you mess of a game
Zoomッ 23 дня назад
Now can u add the flash to fortnite⚡
AlexNdr92 5 часов назад
Analgesic Cream
Analgesic Cream 12 часов назад
Soo is Gotham still in the game?????
PinkPixel Productions
PinkPixel Productions 13 часов назад
Batman save us we are trapped in a black hole
Tony D. Wilson
Tony D. Wilson 14 часов назад
Wo̸W 20 часов назад
Why would u do this the end of fortnite why I loved the game after all these people spending there money it has gone to waste
disepi 7 часов назад
fortnite isnt ending idiot...
Floor Roolf
Floor Roolf День назад
Now kids are going to think that batman is from fortnite
Floor Roolf
Floor Roolf 20 часов назад
@Zekko Ltd my comment is very original
Floor Roolf
Floor Roolf 20 часов назад
@Zekko Ltd what do you mean?
Zekko Ltd
Zekko Ltd 21 час назад
original comment
xMoonTrickz День назад
Yo servers ass cant even log in 15 minutes before event
Lhenael Rayapin
Lhenael Rayapin День назад
Fortnite is poop
The Meme Master
The Meme Master День назад
Don't mind me,just here to dislike. Don't click my profile pic and tell me something about it.DONT!
Pranjal Kandel
Pranjal Kandel День назад
Who is here from TikTok ⬇️
CocaCola 101
CocaCola 101 23 часа назад
The end...
Tacos Le Lama
Tacos Le Lama День назад
season 11 epic games pls
michaela tomankova
michaela tomankova День назад
S uper gra
Else Ekblad
Else Ekblad День назад
Hey fortnite! Catfood567 here. Can u give an umbrella to me before The season ends? This many People agree ¦ ¦
sex Hot Girls
sex Hot Girls День назад
Hey like this games but i am an other youtuber in adult who tried games will rest my vedios
Arely Sosa
Arely Sosa День назад
Fortnite u should have auto fire for Nintendo switch please fortnite we need it !!!!!!!!!!! :)
Diego Fox
Diego Fox День назад
Joker: *GOOD*
Rainey Mae's
Rainey Mae's День назад
Fortnite creaters I have an idea you could put on fortnite you should put uno on fornite
FGDREW297 297
FGDREW297 297 День назад
Let me play fortnite on my phone Samsung Galaxy A10
Tw1Zzy2kッ День назад
Frotnite I hate you u guys ban me in server without reason I haven't done anything
X Ru
X Ru День назад
It’s rlly funny how much of the comment section is just fortnite hate I’m legeot enjoying it
Mikey Morales cheeto
Mikey Morales cheeto День назад
People still play this?
yt am ez
yt am ez 2 дня назад
epic games please remove gotham city
Zekko Ltd
Zekko Ltd 21 час назад
now they've removed the game
Marleine Bittar
Marleine Bittar 2 дня назад
fake epic games why ping arab is 150 not 0 emirican why my ping 400
Ameslu 2 дня назад
Where is detonator?
Flavius 2007
Flavius 2007 2 дня назад
Băgați capa
Marllis trelos
Marllis trelos 2 дня назад
I wont to dinlod in amazon fire
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan 2 дня назад
Add "watch me" dance
Brodric Mclaren
Brodric Mclaren 2 дня назад
I WANT THE TEAM PANDA SKIN please ill give you a shout out
Daniel_6921k 2 дня назад
7-Calm 2 дня назад
Fortnite: Can you do in Thailand flag and English
Rob & Kelly Miller
Rob & Kelly Miller 2 дня назад
Hey epic games when I TrueDepth to get the new stile for the scientist skin it did not give me it I had already contacted you about this but just making shore if you did not get that here it is
creative BOY
creative BOY 2 дня назад
xlqix 2 дня назад
Take out skilled based mach Making Like if u agree
Jayden Pruitt
Jayden Pruitt 3 дня назад
Why is Fortnite ending we wasted our money
adrian franco
adrian franco 3 дня назад
Epic you should Make the login more easy
Susanne Burgardt
Susanne Burgardt 3 дня назад
epic games you can please make the Ikonic skin available again,I wanted to get the skin on the day where you have removed.Therefore,I am very angry.please epic
creative508 3 дня назад
And the bat man gadgets👍
Rayane Belkessa
Rayane Belkessa 3 дня назад
Good video
Δημήτρης Κρητικακης
Give me the battle pass dimidimis
Affi Nity
Affi Nity 3 дня назад
Really good visual graphics
Omar Rodriguez
Omar Rodriguez 3 дня назад
Is it one day till season 11
KINGSLEY DOOM 3 дня назад
why does this batman look like pewdiepie
Кукиш Какиш
Кукиш Какиш 3 дня назад
Fortnite is poop
CinderBurn 04
CinderBurn 04 3 дня назад
I have no problem with this but why Batman why not Deathstroke or deadshot or better red hood
roblox codes pro #DeleonGoku
roblox codes pro #DeleonGoku 3 дня назад
i dont like you fortnite i am a kid and a cant play aome i dont like fortnite i will i cant make it go on android piz piz i need to play
Kenan McGhie
Kenan McGhie 3 дня назад
They might put James Bond. If they do then 007 fans are going to be pissed.
gianpi 4 дня назад
you monsters what did you do to our mans
creative508 4 дня назад
and i love the bat man skin 🖒
creative508 4 дня назад
please fortnite creator don't end fortnite in season 11😀😀
MickeyYT Gaming
MickeyYT Gaming 4 дня назад
Sub to me! :) 🤣😎
Emiliano Jones
Emiliano Jones 4 дня назад
Hola mate sin querer en un privada y me reportaron porfavor no me saquen la cuenta soy emilianohelado
Abdulrahman Aref
Abdulrahman Aref 4 дня назад
Fortnite oppo
arash ghomashizadeh
arash ghomashizadeh 4 дня назад
Rip fortnite😭😭😔😣
Pepibuchev E qk
Pepibuchev E qk 4 дня назад
Fortnite Fortnite
unstoppable gaming
unstoppable gaming 4 дня назад
Harshani Weerakkody
Harshani Weerakkody 4 дня назад
Please bring back the merge accounts feature
gaming whit edd cruz
gaming whit edd cruz 4 дня назад
I bet every minecraft player dislike
hello hellagran37 Cardenas
hello hellagran37 Cardenas 4 дня назад
If this is epic games please make fornite work for android
Jack Black
Jack Black 4 дня назад
Pls add spectral axe
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