'Falling in Love' - Student Animated Short Film 

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Musician Ashleigh Blackledge
'Falling in Love' is a black comedy revolving around suicide. Tired of his life, our 'hero' Salomone endlessly tries to kill himself in various manners, but luckily/unluckily for him he keeps failing over and over, until he meets the woman of his dreams and falls in love with her.
Created at Falmouth University by Animation & VFX students.
- Best Animated Short Award Winner -
SHORT to the Point International Short Film Festival
December 2016
- Official Selection -
18th Nevermore Film Festival
Carolina Theatre of Durham, North Carolina USA
24th - 26th February 2017
- Official Selection -
DRAWTASTIC's 2D OR NOT 2D Animation Festival
Seattle USA
25th February 2017
- Craft Award Winner: Production Design -
Royal Television Society South West
Plymouth, UK
30th March 2017
- Official Selection -
Arizona International Film Festival
Tucson USA
19th - 30th April 2017
- Shortlisted -
2017 BAFTA Student Awards
Los Angeles USA
- Official Selection -
Plymouth Film Festival
Plymouth, UK
27th - 29th May 2017
- Official Selection -
Quay Film Festival
Suffolk, UK
24th - 25th June 2017
- Official Selection -
We Like 'Em Short Animation and Comedy Festival
Baker City, Oregon USA
August 2017
- Best Animation Award Winner -
European Independent Film Festival (Mainstream and Underground)
Moscow, Russia
7th October 2017
- Shortlisted for Best Comedy -
London International STORY FIRST Festival
London, UK
January 2018
Directed by Giacomo Ghigo
Produced by Leonie Isaacs
Editor: Sophie Rippington
Sound Design: Freddy Houghton-Connell
Musician: Ashleigh Blackledge
- James White
- Leigh Juggins
- Giacomo Ghigo
- Sophie Rippington
- Sam Humphreys
- Lucie Zix
- Thomas Poole
- Luke O'Sullivan
- Robin Neylan-Francis
- Dan Bowhay
- Leigh Juggins
- James White
Shadow Artists
- Emi Morgan
- Katie Wyman
- Prawta Annez
- Earle Leggatt
- Sophie Rippington
- James White
- Leigh Juggins
Background Artists
- Giacomo Ghigo
- Megan Ryder
Clean Up
- Giacomo Ghigo
- James White
- Leigh Juggins
- Krissy Ewins
- Anni Kaikkonen
- Rob Owen
- Chris Lewin




9 янв 2018




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Rumours From Elsewhere
Rumours From Elsewhere 6 месяцев назад
Catch the sequel film here: ruvid.info/video/ZpRq2qiUm6nWcpM.html
Mark Productions
Mark Productions 2 месяца назад
@Joe Crouse you tell me this now
Joe Crouse
Joe Crouse 5 месяцев назад
Guys don't watch the second one. It's a trap
ikuzwe iba
ikuzwe iba 5 часов назад
can I get a right to use it in my music video
kahoa Akaka
kahoa Akaka 7 часов назад
Tall building
Mayoriz Henry
Mayoriz Henry 21 час назад
Fall In Love The man and the woman Falls from the apartment and they are in Love. so... Fall In Love i guess...?
mr al
mr al 2 дня назад
Dam so boring lol 😂 y am I watching this.... Ufff don't even wanna fall in love lol honestly life is not all about having gf n bf lol 😂 😆😆😆
Jadu iboi
Jadu iboi 6 дней назад
I tried the same thing but succeeded in the first attempt😢😢
Jadu iboi
Jadu iboi 6 дней назад
I jump everyday from my building but neither that girl comes nor that garbage van🤔🤔
Finn de Kleijn
Finn de Kleijn 7 дней назад
adrian kisaghi
adrian kisaghi 8 дней назад
😂😂😂 mom!!!!
OGLord Gaming
OGLord Gaming 10 дней назад
Anyone from Insta here?
TOM ZOMB 10 дней назад
This video is really depressing The guy reminds me of a animated me.
Ily Seraa
Ily Seraa 10 дней назад
Dark humor emotional and i'm crying watching this
Alex Dragon
Alex Dragon 10 дней назад
Anyone else here from insta
achu. Ashraf Ali
achu. Ashraf Ali 11 дней назад
Actually. Love is falling in hear
gacha guy
gacha guy 14 дней назад
Sadly the only people on this I feel sorry for are the people on the street that had to see them splatter
Sonia Sheikh
Sonia Sheikh 16 дней назад
Whenever we want to leave anything , It pulls us to It's close... But whenever we live in it then it leaves us.... ( according to the video the thing is the world) Though It's sad and pathetic... But It's the reality and truth..
Cameron Holmes
Cameron Holmes 17 дней назад
*Gacha Twist*
*Gacha Twist* 18 дней назад
2019?anyone watching?
Shaney _
Shaney _ 20 дней назад
So it was literally falling in love? As in falling?
Min - Kun
Min - Kun 21 день назад
If u want to die that badly just stab your self with a knife . Dont actually do it xD
Valber Oliveira
Valber Oliveira 24 дня назад
My parents didn't want me, why would you ?
Brooklyn 2000
Brooklyn 2000 24 дня назад
This is exactly why you don’t fall in love, it can be very dangerous
Deepika Shrestha
Deepika Shrestha 24 дня назад
Sometimes life leaves you in such condition when you want something badly to be happen than it won't and sometimes when you don't want to let the things as it is than exactly opposite would happen.
عراقي وافتخر
عراقي وافتخر 24 дня назад
I'm animator from Iraq nice short film
sonny carlin
sonny carlin 25 дней назад
bit deep
Andrew Gabaldon
Andrew Gabaldon 26 дней назад
It’s called natural selection
Bandølka Sãndy
Bandølka Sãndy 26 дней назад
It's beautifull
Jinia Haldar
Jinia Haldar 26 дней назад
The beautiful, love-filled lives they could have lived, if they hadn't committed suicide.
Anna Pietraszak
Anna Pietraszak 28 дней назад
Happy.seinko 29 дней назад
BTS arlyn
BTS arlyn Месяц назад
1:47 😂
Eva Ortiz
Eva Ortiz Месяц назад
This is beautiful even thought they bother end up dead 😭😭❤️
Ryss HaTe
Ryss HaTe Месяц назад
they really fell in that love :D
Connor Reid
Connor Reid Месяц назад
Who else came from Instagram? 👇🏼
zxevc Месяц назад
Jonny Stewart
Jonny Stewart Месяц назад
Beautiful. Also, who’s here cause the fucking Instagram teaser videos? Me ✋🏼
Simeon Witten
Simeon Witten Месяц назад
not to take anything from the drama, but I CAN'T be the only one who thinks that the wooman looks like the Witch in the second act of Into the Woods.
Abhirath Narasimhan
Abhirath Narasimhan Месяц назад
People can live an entire lifetime in one moment, but they can live better if they don’t choose to die.
Verena Snoeren
Verena Snoeren Месяц назад
Ceilin is a Legend
Ceilin is a Legend Месяц назад
Add the roblox death sound when they land and this is perfect
Nameless One
Nameless One Месяц назад
Anyone here from that I that instagram post
Gilnan Martins
Gilnan Martins Месяц назад
i remenber seeing this video edited with a song and i felt so much emotion
sëręnîty Месяц назад
Who else is here because Instagram made me follow another page to watch it?
Britt Pomales
Britt Pomales Месяц назад
make a longer version with a gun, he bought that didn't work and od on pain meds that are way to light to kill him. idk I just think there are more alternatives
Jenae Marie
Jenae Marie Месяц назад
This hit hard If youre experiencing or you know someone who is going through some troubles go to life line (suicide prevention) or seek some support from a trusted adult Stay Strong x
MobilePilot - Simulator
MobilePilot - Simulator Месяц назад
The guy had like tall people problems at the start of the vid
Default_ DeSalt
Default_ DeSalt Месяц назад
Iwant a girl like that
David Antunes
David Antunes Месяц назад
Fuck you
Mr. Artist
Mr. Artist Месяц назад
Thank you to the kind person on Instagram who linked this
Shelly 23 дня назад
Mr. Artist RIGHT
Kayla Ebriani
Kayla Ebriani Месяц назад
Wow my heart just hurted
kyra manpula
kyra manpula Месяц назад
It was short, but he was happy
Fizzy SpookZ
Fizzy SpookZ Месяц назад
They thought of what they could have done in life but wasted it all
Britt Pomales
Britt Pomales Месяц назад
they died together feeling in comfort than in sadness
mehdi eskandari
mehdi eskandari Месяц назад
Domenico Cazzato
Domenico Cazzato Месяц назад
"Caro salamone" Ma che ca***😂
ZStu Eu
ZStu Eu Месяц назад
Akash Muthanna
Akash Muthanna Месяц назад
no no no no no not fair, dear animator please dont kill them, make a next episode that they fell in trash and they are ok and got married ❤ Please show that THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE.
Fd 98
Fd 98 Месяц назад
Lmao he made the next episode. They fell in a garbage truck and survived then the garbage man turned the garbage compressor on and it squished them to death.
Kevin Brett
Kevin Brett Месяц назад
This is the reason I live, a girl that I love was there for me Sadly she now has depression to
Nia Burnett
Nia Burnett Месяц назад
My heart dropped when I heard them crash
world game
world game Месяц назад
this life bullshit goodbye
JeongGuk ah!!
JeongGuk ah!! Месяц назад
đúng người sai thời điểm
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