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Our video editors star in another EPIC video and go BIG!
Thanks to Whistle for partnering with us on the video!
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5 Best Friends and a Panda.
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12 авг 2019




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Mohamed Hagyousif
Mohamed Hagyousif 10 часов назад
Paper Airplane Trick Shots 2? You never know.
david richardson
david richardson 10 часов назад
They should stick to editing
Ильсаф Шайхлисламов
Ильсаф Шайхлисламов 11 часов назад
Лайк если русский!
evan schubert
evan schubert 11 часов назад
I just realized that Tim said, "Pound it. Noggin. See ya!" when pulling out the reactor. 😂😂
Ash von Flip
Ash von Flip 11 часов назад
my brthday is aug 4
kursatgorkmbaz 11 часов назад
DudePerfect perfect system and setup
Info Tv
Info Tv 11 часов назад
1 out of 12k . Who see this. An amazing day
王杰 12 часов назад
Diouri 12 часов назад
*I am an idiot who is doing video in French*
xoobo vola
xoobo vola 11 часов назад
Hi tim chad and will
Ben York
Ben York 12 часов назад
I just want those dual wide screen monitors!
Heath Cameron
Heath Cameron 12 часов назад
Coby will win
King Arch
King Arch 12 часов назад
King Arch
King Arch 12 часов назад
Do trampoline park stereotypes
Ravikant Singh
Ravikant Singh 12 часов назад
davut akbulut
davut akbulut 13 часов назад
videolara Türkçe altyazı koyarmısınız
Henrique Domingues
Henrique Domingues 13 часов назад
song @ 7:01 ?
Mayed Vector
Mayed Vector 13 часов назад
Butterfly knife tricks?
Russo Sheryl
Russo Sheryl 13 часов назад
you should do school stereotypes
Aly Acvl
Aly Acvl 13 часов назад
Yo se que no tiene nadaa q ver con el video pero ustedes como influencers deben ser nuestra voz nuestros gritos al mundo para ayuda con el Amazonas necesitamos q alguien se ponga al frente y poder hacer algo por favor q este medio de comunicacion sea la base para tomar acciones!!
Jay 321
Jay 321 13 часов назад
Logan Gupta
Logan Gupta 14 часов назад
You should do hat trickshots
sajid shah
sajid shah 14 часов назад
This is very very very boring
Michael Campbell, MD
Michael Campbell, MD 14 часов назад
Hi tim chad and will
Crazy Bridget
Crazy Bridget 14 часов назад
Piano Blasters
Piano Blasters 14 часов назад
It's been a week and no new video of dude perfect...... I am dying ( °° )
Mega Garchomp
Mega Garchomp 15 часов назад
This is so cool. Keep the work up dude perfect.👍👍 You have inspired me to do cool trick. (I did some crazy tricks but sadly did not get them)
TheSuperDuper David10101
TheSuperDuper David10101 15 часов назад
Imagine a dude perfect and MrBeast crossover where the competition is to make the most obscure world records
The Collapsed Uploader
The Collapsed Uploader 15 часов назад
Super brothers
Mujahid Syed
Mujahid Syed 15 часов назад
Plot twist: Will is actually Ryan Higa
Mujahid Syed
Mujahid Syed 15 часов назад
School stereotypes please!!!
Mohan Permal
Mohan Permal 15 часов назад
What video is this?
Robert Isaac West
Robert Isaac West 15 часов назад
Dude panda should do a face reveal
The Amazing Boy
The Amazing Boy 15 часов назад
The stickbot Guys
The stickbot Guys 15 часов назад
Give us more editer edition plz
izzicrasher 7
izzicrasher 7 16 часов назад
dude perfect if your reading this I think you guys should make a hotwheals trick shot video, please consider this idea
Fairoze Ahmed
Fairoze Ahmed 17 часов назад
My favoitate
Tracey Gibson
Tracey Gibson 17 часов назад
Everyone Subscribe to PewDiePie because he's nearly there to getting 100 million subscribers
ตะหลิว Channel
ตะหลิว Channel 19 часов назад
Darcy Pekaar
Darcy Pekaar 19 часов назад
When are you going to make a new video?
Jovima4d20 channel
Jovima4d20 channel 20 часов назад
Can you make a bottle busting world record? That would be asewome!
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan 17 часов назад
Dudeee omgosh i sware I saw one of them at the park, I think it was Coby or Cory. I literally was at the park with my friend at Old orchard and it looked like it was Coby or Cory
AvivAvivA 20 часов назад
You guys are awesome.. nice video enjoyed watching the whole video all this while AMAZING FANTASTIC 👍👍👍👍🧡💜💛😉✌🧡💜loved it so much..
that avocado 1414141414141419999999999999999999999
Everybody, we need to do something about the amazon rainforest fire, please help spread awareness
SavageSlayer 64
SavageSlayer 64 22 часа назад
Huntsman elite keyboard in the background
okow tina
okow tina 22 часа назад
“My name’s Will. I’m the newest editor. I like DP.” -Will (2019) 🤨
Хочу Всё Знать!
Хочу Всё Знать! 23 часа назад
Сделайте субтитры на русском языке
Legendary Jordan Hernandez
Legendary Jordan Hernandez 23 часа назад
Hello Will nice to meet you, you three are COOL. ✌😎👍
Ryan Hines
Ryan Hines 23 часа назад
This was intense
Josh Morris
Josh Morris 23 часа назад
Do another overtime video
Brennan Anderson
Brennan Anderson День назад
Dude perfect hockey trick shots
Helbert Salimbangon
Helbert Salimbangon День назад
Is this a waterproof at 5:41?
ChopChop Chop
ChopChop Chop День назад
Lots of views! Give my cooking channel a chance please everyone! 🌈✅🍱🍱🌍🌮🥘Thank you
苺飴。 День назад
Gregor Hudson
Gregor Hudson День назад
Are you christion
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia День назад
I see dude perfect in the texes children hospital
Masis Nahabedian
Masis Nahabedian День назад
Kalli F
Kalli F День назад
Dudeee omgosh i sware I saw one of them at the park, I think it was Coby or Cory. I literally was at the park with my friend at Old orchard and it looked like it was Coby or Cory walking his two babies in a stroller. Bruh if it was him. I wish I could’ve asked him, that would’ve been so cool. 😱🥺
White Thread
White Thread День назад
A million takes for a five minute video
zach meyer
zach meyer День назад
you should do like an arcade trick shot vidio
danielle crosby
danielle crosby День назад
Dregan Olea
Dregan Olea День назад
Meyo ASMR День назад
Do you guys for editor edition have the main cast do the editing? to make it fair
Xavier Neu
Xavier Neu День назад
6:21 amazing video guys but this is not how you weld
Natalie День назад
Natalie День назад
@xoobo vola yes that would be awesome
Pug And Space Gamers
Pug And Space Gamers День назад
I love panda put him in every video
Warley s244
Warley s244 День назад
alguem do brasil
Juweeriya Farah
Juweeriya Farah День назад
You are the best person in the world
Juweeriya Farah
Juweeriya Farah День назад
Asmr Everything
Asmr Everything День назад
Maybe they will get more subscribers than t series
Ghost Hunter
Ghost Hunter День назад
Can somebody tell me who The panda is?
Fineas Mereu
Fineas Mereu День назад
When it will be next "GAME WITH CONSEQUENCES" video???🙈🙈🙈
FoxArt День назад
What if they did Video Game trick shots? That'd be interesting...
Bernie Garcia Noricumbo
Bernie Garcia Noricumbo День назад
Tanaman hias Fvarna Flora Azzahra Family
Waaoow...very amazing...ilike,it. NiceeVideo.🤝🤝🤝👍👍🤝🙏
Philipp Merbach
Philipp Merbach День назад
Please Real Life Trickshots 4 :)
Noah  Young
Noah Young День назад
PGA tour part 2?
Zoshua Israni
Zoshua Israni День назад
Send a basket ball too space and have it come back down
Michael Funderburg
Michael Funderburg День назад
When’s overtime and stereotypes coming back?
Mansimar Singh
Mansimar Singh День назад
Daniel Barker
Daniel Barker День назад
Y'all gotta start stereotypes types again and do a church one!!!
Eden's Gate
Eden's Gate День назад
Tommy Dave is missing in this video
MyFavouriteDreams День назад
is Jef Tony Panda dp. pls anser me
xoobo vola
xoobo vola День назад
Who else searched the videos that they said were deleted?
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