Drake - Toosie Slide 

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Toosie Slide (Official Video)

Director: Theo Skudra
Producer: Christian Tyler
Production Company: Colossale

Cinematographer: Theo Skudra
Production Coordinator: Alex Dall’Orso
B Cam: Ali Khurshid
Loader/Drone Op: Tristan Clarke-McMurchy
PA: Kit Weyman and Jade-Elie Pascual

SFX Company: Dynamic Effects Collective
SFX Supervisor: Hudson Kenny
SFX Technician: Matthew Beecraft

Editor: Theo Skudra
Assistant Editor: Ashton Lewis

Finishing Company: Artjail
Artjail Executive Producer: Leslie McCartney
Artjail Producer: Caitlin Schooley
Artjail Coordinator: Alison Maxwell
Colourist: Clinton Homuth
Assistant: Kevin Wu




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Комментарии 79   
Billie Eilish Network
Billie Eilish Network 9 часов назад
This song is fye🔥🔥
Anwar Sumar
Anwar Sumar 9 часов назад
Drake: when you pan over the table, make sure my Nike box and unsigned contract shows...
jullian Kasiga
jullian Kasiga 9 часов назад
Do you know Jesus as your personal lord and savior? Accept him and repent. His coming back for people without sin.
coach simmons
coach simmons 9 часов назад
Boy can have like ten families quarantine in his home and they will never meet.
Ikeoujah Austin
Ikeoujah Austin 9 часов назад
Song is fire blood🇧🇧🇧🇧🔥🔥🔥🔥
James Lively
James Lively 9 часов назад
If I Die of coronavirus I'm going to haunt that city Drake calls a Home & move like Michael Jack....Son 🕺🏿 before I pass on 💀🔥🔥
Ice O'Hannon
Ice O'Hannon 9 часов назад
lately drake been addicted to dropping mediocre music
Imani Uzzell
Imani Uzzell 9 часов назад
Swore he house was a mf jewelry store at first... never seen a house so extravagant in this way😭🙌🏾
Strip For Ruffles
Strip For Ruffles 9 часов назад
Here before this becomes a dance
alles klar
alles klar 9 часов назад
I felt the choreography. Right foot ah left foot slide just hit different
syxpack ꪜ
syxpack ꪜ 9 часов назад
Danielle Woods
Danielle Woods 9 часов назад
enjoynet 9 часов назад
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="49">0:49</a> Mao?
BornToSYN. 9 часов назад
Damn man this shit was beautiful. This is my favourite sound in Drake's arsenal by far.
Ice O'Hannon
Ice O'Hannon 9 часов назад
lately drake been addicted to dropping mediocre music
Alip Ef
Alip Ef 9 часов назад
Easy listening 🥂
Official Mika
Official Mika 9 часов назад
If I had drake house I would stay home regardless of corona
TikTok Tv
TikTok Tv 9 часов назад
Is this drakes house ?
vijay khadka
vijay khadka 9 часов назад
Basically, it was a home tour🤨. Damn
Barry Obama
Barry Obama 9 часов назад
vijay khadka drake got that social distancing down all he got to do is never leave that huge house 😷😷😂😂😂😂
Jay Dee
Jay Dee 9 часов назад
Director: so how we doing this one ? Drake : you seen nba YoungBoy house arrest tingz
Meikan Murugu
Meikan Murugu 9 часов назад
Yeah, the camera man for sure got lost during his break to the bathroom🎬🎥👀🤷🏾‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️
Q 9 часов назад
Tiktok hoes happy this nigga saved they ass. Mf was running outta songs to dance to.
Felippe Rusty
Felippe Rusty 9 часов назад
I could dance like Michael Jackson ♫ ♥
jose flores
jose flores 9 часов назад
you need to do a special episode of cribs on MTV
Nathaniel Carrion
Nathaniel Carrion 9 часов назад
DRAKE = Do Right And Kill Everything
Rijaalese 9 часов назад
Subscribing to whoever subscribes to my channel 💕
Dikko Isreal
Dikko Isreal 9 часов назад
Drake gives me joy 🤯🤯 love this
TikTok Tv
TikTok Tv 9 часов назад
Drake and his dance moves
Zachbfilms 9 часов назад
Aj Hector
Aj Hector 9 часов назад
I love the dance and the song
Richard swails
Richard swails 9 часов назад
I still can't dance DRAKE
xNoisy Dragon
xNoisy Dragon 9 часов назад
House tour lol
J Sim
J Sim 9 часов назад
Drake likes sucking on dudes tootsie rolls
VipeR - 1256
VipeR - 1256 9 часов назад
Nigga looks pregnant
TikTok Tv
TikTok Tv 9 часов назад
This is a gonna be a another dance challenge
Harry Potter
Harry Potter 9 часов назад
Drake: Yo what’s up guys welcome to my house tour!!!!
Friendly Hacks
Friendly Hacks 9 часов назад
So now everyone is gonna do some 1st grade dance??
evantura 9 часов назад
that house is so inspiring 💀💀💀💀 drake did it. fuck hating on this man.
Jeremiah Lampkin
Jeremiah Lampkin 9 часов назад
Dope song but these tik toks Boutta be so annoying blood
Meta Legion
Meta Legion 9 часов назад
Not a drake fan but this coo
Black Panther
Black Panther 9 часов назад
Who’s here before TikTok ruins this song😂😂
oxi 9 часов назад
this looks like a video from those boxing dudes drom "the gentlemen" movie.
decentwifi 9 часов назад
when you do a tiktok in the house you're about to rob
John Mollohn
John Mollohn 9 часов назад
Did he just hokey pokey?!?
Jr Playboi
Jr Playboi 9 часов назад
This shit sound like a 👻 wrote it
Hitman Ace
Hitman Ace 9 часов назад
Never knew Drake lived in a hotel
razor 9 часов назад
checkout my channel pls i need the cloutttt xd
Leny Sanchez Vega
Leny Sanchez Vega 9 часов назад
*Tiktokers have joined the chat* 😂
OliviaOnAir Winsteard
OliviaOnAir Winsteard 9 часов назад
I still love drake ....but no
Chocolate Boy
Chocolate Boy 9 часов назад
Damn the house come with fireworks too?? What don’t this house have???
Jay The Spade
Jay The Spade 9 часов назад
lil baby salty rn
Jay Dee
Jay Dee 9 часов назад
Tik Tok : bet
Substandard 9 часов назад
Its <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="620">10:20</a> PM in this video. Crucial details.
Kristi Choi
Kristi Choi 9 часов назад
Drake's Architectural Digest Tour
N3R0 F3NR1R 9 часов назад
Idk if I like this one lol
Tre DropEmOff
Tre DropEmOff 9 часов назад
Here before this becomes a Tik Tok trend 😂💯
TAK C 9 часов назад
Director: so how we shooting the video Drake: pick up the camera and follow me and stay close
OliviaOnAir Winsteard
OliviaOnAir Winsteard 9 часов назад
mrseanpride 9 часов назад
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="80">1:20</a> in and this is fucking stupid.
joe knapp
joe knapp 9 часов назад
Tried to tootsie slide after he seen his kid
Denzil Myles
Denzil Myles 9 часов назад
Whoooo's baaaaaad...
Rap Loco The perroloco
Rap Loco The perroloco 9 часов назад
Hola mi papa eres solo que soy negro y pobre
Willem van Huut
Willem van Huut 9 часов назад
Jcarlos Silva
Jcarlos Silva 9 часов назад
Fuck greater then the fucking Beatles!! 🐐 G.O.A.T I’m blessed to be alive and witness greatness sense 09
Playground Paul
Playground Paul 9 часов назад
Jessica Picanco
Jessica Picanco 9 часов назад
yesssss drake this was like a house tour ❤️
IM ABOVE 9 часов назад
actual hot trash wtf
Yeltsein George
Yeltsein George 9 часов назад
This song is ass...this it the tupac of ass music
xdeedawggx 9 часов назад
Wierdest episode of cribs I've seen
ryster bro
ryster bro 10 часов назад
Make this comment blow up plz
Aaron Converse
Aaron Converse 10 часов назад
Wow this is going to be the worst song I hear for the rest of my life
Mathew Garcia
Mathew Garcia 10 часов назад
Drake finally hit us with that house tour😌
GPE MUZIK 10 часов назад
Weak shit
Ansh Bhardwaj
Ansh Bhardwaj 10 часов назад
When Drake said"If it's not the right time, there's always be another time", I felt that.
S.A.V 10 часов назад
Yea He Onna Tik-Tok Mission
Juan Lopez
Juan Lopez 10 часов назад
Now people on IG gonna start dancin to this 😆
Jasmine Harris
Jasmine Harris 10 часов назад
wow he has a beautiful house
JOEL TORRES 10 часов назад
Skips leg day fasho!
10 часов назад
He just making anything now absolute trash
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