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Join Claire Saffitz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she makes cast-iron skillet pizza with fennel and sausage. Pizza dough is usually sold as a 1-lb. ball. You only need 12 oz. for this cast-iron pizza recipe. We used a 10" pan, so if yours is bigger, use a bit more dough. Cooking sausage in the pan before adding the dough infuses the crust with porky flavor.

Check out the recipe here: www.bonappetit.com/recipe/cast-iron-pizza-with-fennel-and-sausage

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Claire Makes Cast-Iron Skillet Pizza | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit




26 фев 2019




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SuperCookieGaming 19 часов назад
So if i make this and i’m not using sausage or a meat how much oil to i put in.
Ankit kumar
Ankit kumar День назад
Nice cover up!!.. Never showed us the bottom side of pizza base...since its burnt for sure ..without it you can never get the brown edges on cast iron.
Frederico de Miranda Alt
Frederico de Miranda Alt День назад
That's a nice overcooked pizza
Frederico de Miranda Alt
Frederico de Miranda Alt День назад
Almost burnt
Tapioca Star
Tapioca Star День назад
Chris I'll always stand behind you. Pineapple pie ftw. Lol
cloud9smokeshop 2 дня назад
store bought dough, clicks next
Vanamutt 3 дня назад
Been making cast-iron pizza for 4 years now. I season the skillet every time I start cooking - with grapeseed oil until it just starts smoking. Then every 2nd pizza I add a bit of olive oil to the pan. My method is usually : Season the pan on high heat, throw on the dough, add sauce, cheese and toppings, into an oven at 250c(or max) for 7 minutes.
Madeline Mudd
Madeline Mudd 4 дня назад
Rachel Puckles
Rachel Puckles 4 дня назад
"The sauasage fat is going to brown the pizza crust" Stop stop! i can only get so erect!
Dribrom Sunrock
Dribrom Sunrock 5 дней назад
The trick to a good Hawaiian pizza is Béarnaise sauce. Preferably on the side, so you can dip the pizza in, but can be drizzled on top too. However you have to use a Turkish pizza base and not an Italian pizza base when making an Hawaiian. It's two different types of pizza doe and also different mix of cheese and tomato souse.
Nelly Wypych
Nelly Wypych 6 дней назад
Claire: "...quick salad, give it a mix while the pizza is in the oven..." Me: "You don't make friends with salad, Claire."
J M 6 дней назад
Bet the bottom of that pizza is blacker than Mr. Deeds' foot.
Joee Green
Joee Green 7 дней назад
She never shows the bottom of the pizza, probably because it's burned black.
Jerome Wang
Jerome Wang 8 дней назад
This looks so overcooked and dry.
Oliver Foggin
Oliver Foggin 9 дней назад
I had to try the Deadpool pizza the other day. Ordered an olive and pineapple pizza... It was actually amazing!! 🤤
Okoa 9 дней назад
YES Rao's is the best sauce
alpha fish
alpha fish 10 дней назад
Can I use pizza pan on stove instead of cast iron?
C.C. ORR 11 дней назад
I’m sorry Claire I love you But that pizza does not look Bon Appétit
C.C. ORR 11 дней назад
Chris knows Also weird that I’m also called chris lol
C.C. ORR 11 дней назад
My family’s classic and EXCLUSIVE. only ever. Ham and pineapple: HAWAIIAN
eternitynaut 12 дней назад
It's wonderful how all videos are hosted by your average, everyday idiot trying to act intelligent, failing, but being lovable in the end (mostly because you can relate to that situation of trying to act different like in a job interview) with their one redeeming quality being that they're above average in cooking skills. They're never arrogant, but they try so hard to fake a level of competence they don't own which makes it funny. Like a toddler acting bossy without being a know it all because that would be annoying.
Orion Jessie
Orion Jessie 12 дней назад
I LOVED Chris' Friends reference! About the one with Rachel's trifle!
BoogerBeast 12 дней назад
Does Claire live with Brad?
Frank Brenner
Frank Brenner 13 дней назад
Nate Cooper
Nate Cooper 14 дней назад
Just gonna point out that she puts sauce all the way up the crust and cheese all the way up the crust same as Brad.
Brad Scott
Brad Scott 14 дней назад
You forgot bacon, Chris. Pineapple, ham, and BACON! Always with bacon. And mushroom... And onion... And bacon.
backyard vigilante
backyard vigilante 14 дней назад
Thank you ba for Claire
Mattias Rosberg
Mattias Rosberg 14 дней назад
Was that a white middle age man mansplaining. The nerves
Jacobo Meneses
Jacobo Meneses 15 дней назад
4 people ? LUL
Katie Duncan
Katie Duncan 15 дней назад
Chris coming through on Hawaiian pizza yesssssss!!!!!
The Harlequin
The Harlequin 15 дней назад
For anybody who is anti Hawaiian pizza: try making a pizza with fresh pineapple, none of that canned nonsense, swap out the ham for strips of streaky bacon. The Bacon pineapple combo is amazing.
MM 754
MM 754 17 дней назад
4 people? I can eat that all by myself.
dingdongdangus 17 дней назад
just blasted through the almost 160 minute making perfect series (seriously?? >160 minutes??!) only took one minor break about halfway through to go get a slice because it was making me so hungry and yet.... i still feel the need to watch more of Claire's pizza making goodness.. when will it stop??
Timothy Call
Timothy Call 18 дней назад
Must be nice to be able to get paid t make yourself lunch....
lhalfcube 18 дней назад
kind of upset you didnt make your own dough =(
Tk Boyd
Tk Boyd 23 дня назад
Anyone who puts pineapple on pizza probably hates puppies, too. And kittens. And any other cute, furry things that make people of all ages go, “awwww..”
Pankaj Doharey
Pankaj Doharey 24 дня назад
You gotta get brad more he is awesome.
stavros papadopoulos
stavros papadopoulos 24 дня назад
great dinner for 4 PEOPLE??????? i want only for me 2 of this
Zoe 24 дня назад
chris is now my least favourite ba chef because of his views on pineapple on pizza
Janani Siva
Janani Siva 26 дней назад
Not a ton of cheese- she says as she covers it with cheese
C M 27 дней назад
Green pepper Bad.
Yannick Ziener
Yannick Ziener 27 дней назад
Wait, youre ok with someone putting actual HONEY onto your pizza, but hawaiian isnt ok?
Octavio F. G.
Octavio F. G. 27 дней назад
Claire "never had this as a child" saffitz
BattleAxe 2006
BattleAxe 2006 29 дней назад
Love the FRIENDS reference
Simon Thomas
Simon Thomas Месяц назад
I use the same method but put the pan under the grill rather than in the oven
dvaoa Месяц назад
Way too oily...why not just use a cast iron skillet like a pizza steel??
dvaoa Месяц назад
Way too oily...why not just use a cast iron skillet like a pizza steel??
Julio Truzzi
Julio Truzzi Месяц назад
Claire Makes Cast-Iron Skillet Pizza
jerry cratsenberg
jerry cratsenberg Месяц назад
Seriously, what is the point here? All of that absurd prep, to then bake the cast iron skillet in the oven for 11 minutes. A delicious homemade pizza can be baked in the oven for 11 minutes and will save yourself the insane trouble of all the stove top farting around in a cast iron skillet before you still bake the thing for 11 minutes. No time, what-so-ever, is saved in this mess.
Aerotyler23 Месяц назад
Another burned product from BA test kitchen
Greg Araujo
Greg Araujo Месяц назад
Hawaiian pizza rocks!
Arielle Месяц назад
I'm so glad Chris loves Hawaiian pizza
Kasey O'Dea
Kasey O'Dea Месяц назад
I'm confused about the oven heat coming from the top? All my ovens have had the metal sort of coil at the bottom and the coil at the top is for broiling. What am I missing?
sav Месяц назад
Honey on pizza ? Mama mia !
I'm Hangry Y'all
I'm Hangry Y'all Месяц назад
Four people. That's hilarious. Every pizza is a personal pizza if you're not a wussy quitter.
James D
James D Месяц назад
4:00 Chris doing his Joey Tribbiani "pineapple good, ham good, pizza GOOOOD". Although I agree with Claire and pretty much every other chef in the world; pineapple on pizza is sacrilege and people who eat it should go live in the woods together away from civilised society.
Heavy Metalworks
Heavy Metalworks Месяц назад
I beg to differ on That pizza would feed 4 people maybe if there anorexic. 2 was way closer haha.
Mr Gabry Ga
Mr Gabry Ga Месяц назад
OMG please go to play chess instead fool people with your burned pizza with fennel and honey!
Downtown Girl
Downtown Girl Месяц назад
Ok, Chris approves of hawaiian pizza. I have no regrets now.
DAVAD M DAVAD Месяц назад
Okay. So we're here. We're at the point where you New York BOZOS are going to try to co-opt our thing. Our Chicago PIE. After all the insults and the comparisons, and the jokes at our expense. "It's pizza soup!" "That's a casserole, not a pizza." "You can't cook a pizza in a friggin pan." Well, OH NO YOU DON'T. Not even a mention? Not even "Well, it's not exactly Lou Malnati's or Pizzeria Uno from Chicago but Cast Iron Pizza truly has it's roots from the deep dish pizzas of Chicago." There. You can use that sentence next time. Because if you East Coast types think you can steal our Thunder, HOLY COW you gotta nuthuh ting cum'n. To borrow a colloquialism..."Fuggitaboutit."
KamakhyaNamo Месяц назад
Chris, you just became one of my favourite people! Pineapple good, ham good, pizza good. Where is the problem, indeed.
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